Riot and Amazon Reach Agreement to Create New Gaming Capsules in March 2021

It seems that Riot and Amazon’s theme would have had a happy ending.
It is true that from MGG we count some news about it and that there was some news that I can generate confusion in this regard.
Finally, and according to Skin spotlights, both companies would have reached an agreement to collaborate again and offer free rewards to League of Legends fans and have the Prime Service.
For those who do not know the Skinspothts Twitter and YouTube account, it is one of the Insiders about Mob, publishing several videos of the advances of the skins that will arrive in the game, among other things.
One of his last ‘bombings’ was the first progress on Emilio, the next champion who will reach the official League of Legends client and that will land in the coming weeks.

What will this new agreement have with the Prime Gaming Capsules of League of Legends?

According to this Twitter account, Prime Gaming rewards for League of Legends will be the following:
RP (quantity still pending confirming, although it is possible that the previous one)
4 champion fragments
1 permanent champion in your store
A 1350 RP Skin
A mysterious ward
30 days of experience
Orange essences (still pending confirm, although it is possible that it is less than in the previous agreement)
2 effigies fragments Series 1
What changes with respect to the previous agreement?
In addition to the possible amounts, which are still unknown, the mythical essences disappear from the equation, since with them, if you accumulated a good loot, you could unlock hex tech or prestigious aspects.


Now they have replaced it with a free mysterious Ward, in addition to giving a free champion per month, which would go in Riot’s new politics to try to lower the cost of the characters currently in the Mob.
This information has been extracted through data miners, so it is a relatively reliable source to give this information.
Now it will be time to wait a few days, until March 16-17 to know finally if this agreement is finally held and if Riot and Amazon will give rewards again.

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