Sons of the Forest Hotfix Adds Weapon Hotkey Feature | Survival Gameplay Update

Sons of the Forest, the follower to the rather popular survival title The Forest, was released in very early access a couple of days earlier.
A huge number of users were already expecting the game, which is why it was not as well surprising that the title could quickly establish a player document of over 200,000 active users.


Boys of the Forest is definitely a full success for developer workshop End night Gaming, but with his status as a very early gain access to video game, gamers still need to handle some bugs, any efficiency problems, as well as obviously just not end up aspects of the game.

weapons from Kids of the forest get hotkey function

Among these aspects swiftly became particularly annoying, due to the fact that for publication there was no way to place specific weapons on a hotkey in order to have the ability to access them promptly.
Instead, gamers first needed to open the inventory and pick the wanted product there.
If you needed to get a weapon out swiftly to protect on your own prior to an attack or such, it was obviously quite aggravating.
This system consequently whined about Reddit and the official Vapor forums for the game.
The very first bigger spot of Kids of the Forest is in fact just pending in a few days, however the developers nevertheless responded promptly to the problems of the players and also just recently released an all new patch for Boys of the Forest, which is excitedly desired hotkey feature for tools
carried out.
Gamers can now designate the different tools of the video game to buttons 0 to 9 on the keyboard, which provides fast accessibility to the objects.

Really valuable attribute, the patch also brought some other Quality of Life enhancements.
Intermediate series can now simply be missed, a tutorial for hefty strikes has been added, and various food selections can currently be shut using escape.
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