The Witcher 3: Next Gen Update Brings Realistic Details – But One Will Be Removed Soon

In December of in 2015, CD Job Red released the long-awaited Next-Gen-Update for The Witcher 3. This ensured fantastic bliss amongst the fans and primarily captivated with the clearly drilled graphic.
There was a piquant detail that triggered a lot of experience and has now also introduced the designers.
We are discussing female genitals.

What is it about precisely?

With the next gene update for The Witcher 3 (now buy EUR 24.85), CD Job Red enhanced, to name a few things, the graphic of the role-playing game, which has actually in some cases provided some open mouths at the fans.
This likewise affects a certain and spicy detail that is the topic of controversial discussions.
In some creatures such as the humanoid type of the Crones of Crook back Bog, there are very sensible genitals.
As comparative photos reveal at, this was definitely not the case in the initial.
Some fans displeased the new discussion and complained to CD Project Red.

How do the developers react?

CD Project Red just recently commented on the occurrence to the colleagues from Kodak and announced an early modification from the comprehensive information.
The Next-Gen-Update for The Witcher 3 consists of some mods from the ranks of the community, to which the representation of the female genitals most likely likewise counts.

Their representation in the release variation is unintentional and will be modified or gotten rid of soon.

did CD job stole?

By the way, the hobby developer of the corresponding mod has actually now likewise spoken.
The latter told Kodak magazine that CD Project Red used his modification called Vaginas of Everybody without asking him in advance.
He didn’t even understand that his work would belong to The Witcher 3’s next gene upgrade.


Kodak has actually asked the developers of the role-playing game for a matching statement, however has actually so far received no answer.
Source: Kodak
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