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Valentine’s Day in the city of love, plus the most important video game of the season up until now: For the fans of FC Bayern Munich, the journey to the round of 16 of the Champions League versus Paris Saint-Germain (Tuesday, 9 p.m.) was rather attractive
The ticket.
According to Alexander Saltwater, the representative for the Club No. 12 fan association, there would have been about 40,000 inquiries.
The away block in the 48,000 spectators of the Princes only has 2000 places.
An overall of 3000 to 3,500 fans of FC Bayern anticipates an overall of 3000 to 3,500 fans, but they will not take a trip to the stadium.
Due to the regional conditions, the little number of tickets and also the restricted zone around the stadium, there will be no march or conference point, states Saltwater to Spot and Goal.
From the viewpoint of Munich Ultras Schickeria, the video game is now quite explosive.
They preserve a fan friendship with the Ultras Ultramarines from Girondins’s Bordeaux, which in turn are hostile to the active fan scene of Bayern challenger PSG.


It is still unclear whether Bordeaux-Ultras will remain in the stadium on Tuesday.
Apart from Bordeaux, the Schickeria likewise preserves fan relationships with the ultras of Carl Zeiss Jena, FC St. Pauli and VFL Bochum.
During the direct meeting with VFL last Saturday (3-0), the 50th anniversary of fan friendship was celebrated with a large chores.
Friendly relationships between the Schickeria and the Ultramarines have existed because a Champions League duel in 2009. At that time, the 2 clubs satisfied in the group phase-and prevailed at the expenditure of Juventus Turin.
Since then, Bordeaux has actually been going downhill, even into the 2nd class.
In Life 2, the club is presently in third place from the Atlantic coast.

FC Bayern: Great fan criticism of Qatar sponsoring

A second explosive aspect of the video game versus PSG: Both clubs are economically supported from Qatar.
PSG is the state fund CSI, FC Bayern is among its sponsors.
Lots of fans of FC Bayern have actually been objecting against cooperation for many years.
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The existing agreement expires at the end of the year.
It is still uncertain whether FC Bayern wishes to extend it and whether Qatar Airways is ready for an extension at all.

I would prefer Bavaria to take this step, said Saltwater in January about Spot and Goal.
But in the end it is only a concern that sponsorship is ended. How and by whom is secondary.

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