Hi-Fi Rush Tips: Discover All Special Attacks and How to Get Them

If you play hi-fi rush, music will be your guide, and you need to stream with the rhythm of the exceptional soundtrack from Hi-fi Rush to defeat the upper men of the business.
Nevertheless, you need to release devastating combinations, including allies, serious attacks, special attacks and light attacks to experience the real excitement of this rhythm game.

List of all special attacks

You can just carry out special attacks if you have enough load in your hall screen.
Press the ideal and left analog stick when you use a controller, or push the R secret on your keyboard when playing on a PC to carry out a unique attack.
You can buy the unique attack slot upgrade product to increase the capacity of the special attack slot to 2.
With the slot upgrade you can merely push the upward button on your controller D pad or the 2 on your keyboard to alter unique attacks in the middle.
Specific special attacks require a particular variety of Hall knives that you can increase by buying or gathering parts in the shop.
Now let’s have a look at the list of all special attacks below:
Overdrive Slash-This is a frontal attack from medium variety that causes a lot of damage.
After activating the attack, you have to finish the crucial mix.
– This is a medium-range attack that causes enemies from all directions.
Air guitar-this is a frontal air damage attack with a 2-fold point reward.
Double Riff-This is a frontal long-distance damage attack with a 2-time point bonus.
Rip and Tear-this is a frontal long-distance damage attack with a 3-fold point reward.
Guitar ride-this is a frontal damage attack with a 2-fold point reward.
Take the show-this will be anesthetized by all opponents.
Twin Assault-this is a frontal damage attack.
High pitch punch-this is an air lift attack up close.
Holo-Chai-This is a diversion attack.
Select Slide-this is an average attack with medium range.
Pick me up!
– that will heal you.
Barrier Wall-you will secure this.

how to get unique attacks and devices

You can start buying, equipping and exchanging brand-new unique attacks as quickly as you reach peppermint buy the very first time.
Merely navigate to the Special attacks tab in the Shop.
Next, press the Shift button when you are on a PC or Left Trigger when you are on an Xbox to switch to the Equip menu.
In this way you can display the list of special attacks that are provided for purchase and which you have already purchased.
In order to gear up a special attack or to replace an already geared up one, you only have to select one from the list of available choices.

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