Discover the Best House in Hogwarts Legacy: Explained.

Now that Hogwarts Legacy has launched, and you are on the way to becoming the most powerful magician that the Academy has ever produced, you are likely to ask yourself what house you should choose before starting your trip.
You can always find out through a questionnaire and go where it takes him the personality of him, but that could be wondering what difference he could have done later.
Fortunately, we have written a guide with everything you need to know about the house system at Hogwarts Legacy.
Keep reading to see which is the best house of Hogwarts Legacy rather, why everything is reduced to yourself!

What house in Hogwarts’s legacy is the best?

Before continuing, it is worth noting that no house at Hogwarts Legacy is definitely better than the rest.
Instead, each one acts as a minor factor in which you can build your character.
You can decide which character features are most important to you and your character created, and assign them to the house that is in line with these personal tenants.
For example: make the following elections when using the selecting hat will lead to be assigned to a certain house.
For Gryffindor-courage
For Hufflepuff-Loyalty
For Ravenclaw-Curiosity
For Slytherin-Ambition

What makes each house different in Hogwarts Legacy

That said, there are some cosmetic differences between each house that one must take into account.
More specifically, each house will have a different common area to hang out and different house colors that will be applied to its uniform or certain clothing.
The first house to which one can be assigned in Hogwarts is Gryffindor.
This is the house to which the protagonists of Harry Potter belong, and it is also the best known house for its bravery and unwavering courage.
The common room in the game is seen as shown below, and the colors of the house are red and gold.
Image source: Avalanche Studios through
The second house is Hufflepuff.
This is the house to which characters such as Cedric Dig gory and Pomona Sprout belonged.
It is better known for the strong sense of justice, loyalty, patience and kindness of its members.
The common room of the game presents a lot of plant life and the colors of the house are yellow and black.
Image source: Avalanche Studios through
The next is Ravenclaw.
This is the house that was host of great minds such as Luna Love good and Myrtle Warren, and its members are known for the great value they give to intelligence, learning, wisdom and ingenuity.
The common room has the style of an intellectual living room, and the colors of the house are blue and bronze.
Image source: Avalanche Studios through
Last but not least, there is Slytherin.
Some of the best known members of the house include Merlin and Draco Malfoy himself.
The features that place students in Slytherin include ambition, intelligence, determination and ingenuity.


The common room of this house is shown below and the colors of the house are green and silver.
Image source: Avalanche Studios through
In addition to the differences in the common rooms and the colors of the clothes, you will also find some different friendly faces according to your respective house.

Each common room houses unique characters, but this does not seem to make any difference apart from the subtle changes in the dialogue.
The same can be said of playability, since other characters can refer to your home specifically in minor dialogue parts.

Does every house in the Hogwarts legacy have unique missions?

There is also a notable difference in a specific mission offered by each house in Hogwarts Legacy, which is assigned as part of the main mission that takes you to Richard Jackdaw.
Each house will take the player to him, but the way he does develops differently.
For Gryffindor the players will undertake the mission The hunt for lost pages in which they will know the ghost known as Nearly Headless Nick before joining him in Headless Hunt.
This involves a cemetery and some more spooky moments, so it is a fun search for those who enjoy more terrifying elements and environments.
For Hufflepuff players they will undertake the mission love prisoner in which they will travel to Azkaban prison after meeting with the portrait of Eldritch Dig gory to solve a mystery of murder.
The writing in this search is especially intriguing, and the trip to Azkaban makes it fun for fans of the third book.

For Ravenclaw players they will undertake the mission Hollander’s relic.
They will begin by going to Hogsmeade to talk to Hollander on his stolen wand, which will lead them to investigate the letters and solve a simple puzzle.
While it implies some mental work, this search seems to be the most boring of all.
However, we still appreciate where they were going and enjoyed it completely.
For Slytherin players they will undertake the mission The last hope of Scope, where they will follow a series of clues on the map to a domestic elf known as Scope that asks you to recover a black family relic for him from a mysterious cavern.
This implies riddles and a little history, so it is certainly not boring in any way.
These are the only unique missions that the game has to offer for each house so far, but they are still different enough to be worth taking them into account before choosing a house.
There is also the possibility that more unique search lines are added at a later date, although Avalanche Software has not confirmed it.

Can you change home at Hogwarts Legacy?

Finally, it is worth noting that you will not be able to change your home after the beginning of Hogwarts Legacy.
The only way to enter another house is to start a new game and make a different choice during the Sorting Hat section.
Take this into account and consider all the information we have presented before making your choice.
Now that you have read about the four different houses and knows what each choice can imply, it should be ordered and ready for your witch or magician to join the one you think better!
We also have a questionnaire that you can do if you prefer
To get more information about the game, read some related articles and coverage.
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