trip Series – Bit Trip Beat – The Complete Bit.trip Collection is Now Available on Nintendo Switch – Celebrate Christmas Day!

11 years ago because the initial release of the first title in the Bit. Trip, Bit Trip Beat series.
Now, the entire initial series is making its way on Nintendo Change this vacation season.


The initial collection includes 6 titles, which can all be purchased individually from Christmas Day.
Here are all the titles that will be launched on the 25th.
Bit.trip Beat-From gameplay to visuals via music and shades, bit. Trip beats inspire of timeless video games in all viewpoints.
Immerse yourself in an entire brand-new world images and noises by juggling with rhythms and browsing on the lam bide in this modern-day take a look at the beginning of everything.
Bit.trip nucleus-Dive the controller in an unknown territory, using NEW design commands to make your way through a dam of rhythms in this rhythmic adventure.
Bit.trip canceled-bit. Trip void is a synthetic exploration of rhythm and music related to our day-to-day life and our state of minds.
In a brand name brand-new control system in the series, however entirely familiar to players, the player has overall liberty to move on Learn where he wants, interacting with music in an unprecedented method.
Traditional lathe of gameplay stays, since color-and color labsence-are explored to the maximum.

Bit.trip Runner-Race throughout the Moon, butchering the crystal walls and moving under the lunar slugs!
Linked through the robotic mines and deal with the Minermech!
Go darken in the big city in a quest to discover good friends and defeat the last boss together!
Bit.trip Fate-The trip of Commander video is nearly finished, but the hardest part is yet to come.
Guide our brave heroes through a world of two-stick shooting, effective and unusual enemies and denominations as you have never seen before.
Bit.trip Flux-Prepare for a classic gameplay based upon the paddle while ordering the source
Take advantage of new obstacles presented in the familiar gameplay based upon the paddle that sparked the phenomenon called bit.trip.
When you have purchased a title (available for USD $5 or $6.49 CAD), the remainder of the collection games can be acquired for 60% reduction.
The source.

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