Discover the Hidden Magic of Hogwarts Legacy: When Will Vivaria Open and the Hogwarts Heritage Room?

In Hogwarts Legacy, you will meet several new characters, study various spells and reveal the hidden magic of the castle.
The search for a room in Hogwarts is in the list of desires of each player, and you need to know which quest needs to be completed in order to unlock this area.

Here’s how to unlock the room of the requirements and vi varies in the Hogwarts heritage.

how to open a room in the Hogwarts Heritage Room

The room opens after completing the quest room of the requirements, which is part of the main storyline.
You will meet Professor Weasley at the beginning of the quests who will show you a room.
You will also study several spells during this quest, most of which will allow you to transform various objects and environment.
Soon after, Dick will join you, who will tell you more about the room.
Here, Professor Weasley will teach you the call, Evans and the Change spell.
The quest Room of the requirements usually appears after the completion of the Folios and adversity quest, so follow it on the quests tab.
You can change the design of the requirements’ room to your liking.
Decorate this place with wall carpets, rugs, armchairs and tables.
In the same way, you can also create various types of tables for the manufacture of potions, growing various plants and improving various objects.
The description table can also be used to identify various equipment.

How to unlock Vivaria in Hogwarts Legacy

Opening the room of the requirements, advance along the storyline in order to ultimately get a quest from Dick.
It represents you an elf, NASA and a quest weaving machine, for which you will need to find Puff skein, Moonwalk and Jobber knoll.
Gather these magical creatures in Nab-Sack to protect them from poachers.
The first vivarium is automatically unlocked when you return it to the requirements room.
Here you can store all the magic animals that you saved.
Feed them using the Beast Feed, and stroke them using the Beast Petting Brush.
These magical creatures also provide certain magical materials that can be used to improve your equipment in the Hogwarts Heritage.
Unfortunately, no, it is impossible to expand vi varies.


However, you will open new vi varies during the game.
For example, we unlocked the second vivarium with a coastal boom before the start of the home elf quest.
Remember that each vivarium may contain up to 12 magical creatures belonging to four different species.
As soon as you begin to save and collect more magical creatures, you can free them in these vi varies.
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