SC Preussen Münsters Colorful Berliner Brings in a Proud €10,000 for Human Rights Watch

Black and white-green is vibrant-under this slogan, SC Pressed Münster provided its campaign match day last December to set an indication of liberty, equality and tolerance as part of the World Cup in Qatar.
Numerous partners have supported the project, so that a proud 10,000 euros could be donated to Person Rights Watch’s human rights work.
A unique contribution made the great baker Improve, which contributed an extra 3,300 euros through his colorful Berliners (M | W | d), which were sold in the 19 branches of the household company.
We can be extremely happy of this amount.
Our thanks go to all Münster people who purchased the Berliners so hard, states Handling Director Christopher Improve about the additional contribution and the great success to the human rights company Human being Rights Watch.


The traditional company from Hammer Straße has actually been supporting the traditional club for more than thirty years and regularly gets involved in social tasks.

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