PlayStation VR2: Everything You Need To Know About Sonys New Generation Of Virtual Reality Gaming

SHE HMD PlayStation VR2 (PSVR2), which was released on the 22nd.
The more ergonomic design, the burden on the neck and head is reduced, but PS VR games other than some games are not compatible with PS VR2.

SHE Content Communication Senior Director Seed Schumann unveiled the FAQ of PS VR2 through the official PlayStation Blog.
As the ultimate FAQ, this post contained 50 questions and answers that I would like to disclose as much information as possible before the launch.

The PS VR2, which will be released worldwide on the 22nd, will be sold for 798,000 won and supports the clearer and smooth VR experience by supporting a clear resolution of 2000×2040, 90/120Hz refresh rate, and internal HDR OLED displays.
In addition, only a camera with a separate camera or an external sensor tracks the head movement and tracks the movement of the user and the controller.
When you look around or aim through the eye tracking camera, follow the attention and adjust the resolution to accurately focus.

In addition to fixed seats, you can easily view the room without taking off the headset with a see-through view that supports room scale and shows the actual place in addition to the game screen.
The headset can also be worn with glasses.
If you are very wide or not unique glasses, you can wear PS VR2 headsets immediately without taking off separately.

The Dual Sense of the PS5 provides high-quality feedback, so the PS VR2 sense controller with adaptive triggers and haptic feedback is also expected.
SHE provides a dual sense feature that matches the vision, with a finger touch detection and a tracking through the PS VR2 headset.

The PS VR2 Sense Controller can be used without the VS VR2 headset, but game manipulation can only be operated in PS VR2 games.
In addition, there is no separate sales.

Compatibility information of PS VR games has also been released.
In PS VR2, you can’t play PS VR games by default.
SHE explained that it is a decision due to the approach of providing the next-generation VR experience through various advanced functions applied only to PS VR2.


However, some titles are released on both PS VR and PS VR2 devices, so you can enjoy it on PS VR2 by purchasing the PS5 version among generational products.

SHE also said that more than 100 PS VR2 titles are being developed.
As a result of the launch title, as well as the development of relatively various titles, the performance of PS VR2 depends on how early the fans will meet the expectations.

The various FAQs revealed by SHE can be found in the official PlayStation blog.

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