Amazons Latest Move: Customers Can Now Save Even More Money On Their Purchases!

Cheap prices are not uncommon at Amazon.
Now customers of the online giant can save even more.
Dortmund-shopping is fun.
Save too.
Now there is the opportunity to save on Amazon when shopping.
The online giant has introduced a change-and has therefore returned to an old model.

Change on Amazon: Saving money is now even easier

While Amazon has set the Dash service, he introduces the Payback point system again.
The food newspaper reported on this.
Eight years ago there was the collective system from the online retailer.
The return to the bonus points takes place on the similar conditions as it was then.
Means that customers receive a Payback point per two euros.

Amazon returns to the Payback system: conditions as before

The fact that Amazon is now part of the Loyalty company has let the company go to the stage.
In fact, the shopping mogul has been back in the game since November 16, 2022 (more digital news near ).
The conditions are similar as before: Customers receive a Payback point for two euros in purchasing value.
You can collect via the Payback and the Loyalty company’s website.
Payback promises new coupons every month with extra points that can be used in various Amazon product categories.

Amazon and over 600 other companies are at Payback: However, some products are excluded

This makes Amazon one of over 600 online shops through which Payback points can be collected.
Prominent representatives are also, for example, Thalia, Douglas, H&M and Condor.


But how does the collecting of bonus points work when shopping?
The Loyalty company explains on the website that it is important that the shopping cart is empty before shopping via Payback is started so that Payback points for the Amazon purchase can really be booked.
Simply select the online retailer via Payback-app or on, and you can shop.

But be careful: not all articles are included in the collecting points.
These sometimes include gift vouchers, books and e-books that are subject to price binding, or various Amazon memberships.
Rubric list picture: © Felix Colitis/Imago-Images

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