HSV Election Postponed Amidst Controversy: What Lies Ahead For Hamburgs Football AG?

Debate at the HSV: The highly expected basic conference of Football AG of Hamburger SV stayed in the main program on Thursday.
As the club announced, the election of the brand-new supervisory board has actually been delayed.
In this way, the control committee remains in office in its previous composition under the leadership of the e.V. President Marcel Jansen till the next basic meeting.
The next meeting should occur immediately.
Up until then, the choice of prospects for the control committee will be discussed intensively and coordinated internally.
I consider this decision to be a good compromise because we approach each other, stated Jansen.
Stephan von Below and Henrik Once should in fact move into the control committee on Thursday.
You should change Andreas Peters and currently the only lady, Lena Scrum.
According to media reports, the shareholders and the Fans Club had called for Dealer Diesel’s dismissal, which had been implicated of insufficient reference to Hamburg and HSV as well as too little know-how.


We had many controversial conversations that should ultimately cause a favorable result for HSV, stated Jansen.

Specific outcomes of the meeting: The AG board was relieved for the 2021/22 monetary year and the subject of sustainability is to be anchored in the AG statute.

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