Real Madrid Rejects Joao Cancelo – How FC Bayern Secured The Coup Of The Winter Transfer Window

With the commitment of João Cancel, FC Bayern succeeded in a real coup in winter season.
The Munich team was only a 2nd choice for the Portuguese.
Prior to his signature on Sabine Stress, the 28-year-old patted Genuine Madrid.


The Spaniards made a cancellation for him because they focused their transfer focus on BVB.
As the March reports on Sunday, it would have been simple for Real Madrid to hire João Cancel this winter.
The Portuguese and his specialist are said to have used to the royal and asked for a transfer.
The real bosses revealed the Neu-Münchner the cold school.
The transfer was not even gone over internally, reports the Spanish newspaper.
The exact same had actually formerly declared transfer specialist Fabricio Romano.

The journalist, which was usually well-informed, reported that Cancel had been provided to the royal.
According to his info, nevertheless, Real categorically declined all brand-new winter.

Real concentrate on BVB star

According to March, the rejection of the incumbent Champions League winner likewise has a particular factor: the already approved transfer prepare for the coming summer.
Which plan offers for the dedication of BVB star Jude Bellingham at the forefront.
The newspaper blogs about him on the leading real flooring.
In contrast, reinforcement on the right-back position is not supplied.
In the end, FC Bayern played the real strategies fully into the cards.
The record champ was lastly looking for a new right-back and got a class guy for little cash with Cancel.
In addition, the record champion is open to dedicate the Portuguese to the Portuguese after the season.
However, according to reports, 70 million euros would be due.

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