Guardiola Explains Why Cancelos Departure Is No Loss At ManCity

And he likes playing it. He desires to play every game, ideally he can do that in Munich.
Everyone knows his work, his passion, his love for football, and everyone understands his quality.
If I had had a different sensation, I would have gone to my employers.

The fact that Manchester City had the best left-back of the Premier League pulled up soon before completion of the winter transfer window triggered many question marks.
On Friday, João Cancel’s previous coach Pep Guardiola promoted the very first time about the background of the unanticipated modification.
After the World Cup we altered the structures a bit in our video game and I offered other gamers more playing time, stated the Catalan.
And I liked what I saw on the pitch.


Cancel, formerly usually set at Guardiola, had been the main suffering and had actually hardly played in the end.
The Portuguese apparently did not handle that.
Everybody has their own character, I, you, he, stated Guardiola.
And he loves playing it. He is a person who needs to play to be delighted. He wants to play every video game, hopefully he can do that in Munich.
Therefore, at Sanity, everybody had chosen to let him pull.

Cancel and the distinction to the Kanji case

Bayern at first lent Cancel until completion of the season, then you can fix him for a repaired transfer fee of 70 million euros.
I wish him the very best for the coming months. We’ll see what happens next season, stated Guardiola, who still does not see Man city’s squad weakly compromised.
Bavaria desired him due to the fact that he is an impressive gamer. I will not state a bad word about him. Everybody knows his work, his passion, his love for football, and everybody knows his quality.

However: We can handle the scenario. I would have gone to my employers if I had had a different feeling. When we got Manuel Kanji (on the summer Deadline Day from BVB, editor’s note),
I had the feeling that we still require a central defender. This case was really different. I rely on the players I have..

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