Overwatch 2s Antarctic Peninsula: Exploring The All-New Season 3 Map

Blizzard exposed Overwatch 2’s brand-new Season 3 map this week by revealing Antarctic Peninsula, a freezing battlefield that’ll be a Control map filled with a number of different sights in addition to some penguins, too. Blizzard hasn’t yet exposed the map completely and instead shared a short teaser trailer flaunting various perspectives of the map with a guarantee of more to come later on February 6th whenever the full Season 3 trailer is launched.


Some tricks are hidden away within these different parts of the map, too, that ought to delight lore enthusiasts when they’re not trying to capture the objective or spot flanking Reapers. The Overwatch 2 group didn’t outright say that this map and its story would be featured in the game’s Eve content whenever that part of Overwatch 2 is all set, but provided the fact that lore threads are verified for the map which this is the first new Control map the video game’s gotten since launch, it’s difficult to envision anything including Eve not taking benefit of the Antarctic Peninsula.

For those who caught them briefly appear in the teaser trailer, penguins are undoubtedly part of the Antarctic Peninsula map, and you can undoubtedly shoot them. You can’t kill them, nevertheless, so those happy to have the winged good friends present in the map can rest simple understanding they will not see any penguin removals when playing here.

Throughout a preview event for this brand-new map, Blizzard shared more information on its setup. Antarctic Peninsula develops off of the Overwatch tradition and the Eco point: Antarctica maps from the original game by giving gamers a number of various points of interested to eliminate because theorize part of the Overwatch and Overwatch 2 stories in addition to Ma’s background. There’s a big, underground drill for gamers to fight around, a ship indicated to be a callback to the one the original Overwatch group showed up in to try and rescue Ma and her partners, and the labs where Ma and her fellow researchers worked.


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Overwatch 2 Season 3 is set up to get here on February 7th, so anticipate to see far more about this new season between once in a while.

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