Get Ready For Bad Boys 4: Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Return To Reunite As Detectives!

For several months there has been talk of an alleged fourth installment of the Bad Boys movie saga, which is being quite requested by fans of such an iconic pair of cinema characters.
And now today good news about this production arise, since Sony Pictures confirmed to the Middle Variety that the project is already on the way.

The directors ADSL El RBI and Bilal Allah are back after their success with Bad Boys for Life.
The production of the sequel will be in charge of Westbrook Productions by Jerry Bricklayer.
Doug Belgrade and Chad Omar also produce with James Lassie, Barry Waldman, Mike Stepson and Jon One.
And of course, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence return as protagonists.


You can even see the confirmation of the actors on Twitter:

It’s time!
It is worth mentioning that after what happened at the Oscar ceremony last year, many thought Will Smith would be vetoed from Hollywood movies for a good time.
However, the respite for fans has come when the revelation of Bad Boys 4 became known, so expectations are condensing as high.
The tape does not yet have a release date.
Via: Comic book
Editor’s note: It is a relief that this pair of actors will put together the dumbbell in a new tape, which is expected to have great touches of action and also comedy.

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