A Comprehensive Guide To The Destiny 2 Resilience Nerfs: What You Need To Know Before Lightfall Arrives

The DLC Nightfall quickly approaches Destiny 2, and Bungee has announced a series of updates that come with him.
One of those updates includes a NERF to resilience statistics in more than one sense.
That said, the question is whether this Nerfs will really affect or not the end of the game.
So today, let’s talk if resilience nerfs matter or not in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Nerf resilience explained

As mentioned above, Bungee has announced multiple changes and updates that arrive with the Nightfall DLC, including numerous Nerfs for resilience statistics.
The first NERF involves the previous damage reduction of 40% you get when you have 100 resilience, which is now reduced to a damage reduction of 30%.
Bungee declared that although they wanted to maintain the reduction of damage there, they did not want it to be an absolute need in the activity as it is currently.
That said, this happens to the second Nerf, where the cost of resilience armor modifications now increases from three charges to four charges.
Bungee declared that those who wish to invest in reducing damage must pay a little more than usual.
Now, this brings to the previous question, will This Nerfs substantially affect the end of the game or not?

Does the nerves of resilience affect the final game of Destiny 2?

Due to the short and sweet response, yes, resilience nerfs affect the end of the game, but not much.
The first NERF of the 40% to 30% damage decrease in damage is not much.
The reduction of 30% damage is still surprising for all forms of activities.
This only means that we will not be as impossible to kill as we were before.


The only activity in which you will really feel this change are those with the contest modifier such as Day One Raids or Grand master Nightfall, where your level of power is lower than the requirement.
However, the increase of three to four charges is a bit more substantial.
At this point, the vast majority of final players have already built with 100 resilience equipped, where the current armor load is three.
When Nightfall arrives, armor load increases to four, players must readjust their existing configurations.
However, this can be avoided if you invest in reinforcements focused on resilience, where a mod may not be necessary to reach 100. In general, although these changes are something substantial, it is not enough to dethrone resilience as statistics
most important in the game.

That is all you need to know about whether resilience nerfs matter or not in Destiny 2. Be sure to consult our latest destiny 2 guides, including our opinion on what are the best weapons for PVP.
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