How To Get Frozen Footballs In Madden 23 Zero Chill Ultimate Team


We have actually got all the information you need as you leap into the Snowball Battle to snag some Frozen Footballs in Madden 23 Zero Chill.

No Chill is bringing Ultimate Group back to life, and you require some key items to maximize it, here’s how to get Frozen Footballs in Madden 23!

Madden 23 Absolutely No Chill: Snowball Battle Difficulties

To kick things off, you’ll desire to head into Madden 23 Ultimate Group and open the Snowball Battle Welcome Pack.

Among the biggest pieces of that is the unique Snowball Battle as gamers aim to unlock Frozen Footballs to upgrade their gamers.

With the arrival of Madden 23 No Chill, lots of new material made its way into Ultimate Group.

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When opened, you’ll receive totally free 86 OR cards for Red Group Captain Atalanta Huang and Blue Group Captain Kenny Pickett.

You’ll need to power through all of these and get all three stars to secure your rewards as these will help you earn Snowballs.


You wish to choose right out of the gate which you’d rather update, as you’ll just be able to get enough Frozen Footballs for one of them.

Head into Difficulties from the primary screen and take on the Snowball Battle Obstacles seen above once you’ve picked a side.

How to get Frozen Footballs in Madden 23

It’s time to trade in your Snowballs with a vote once you have actually powered through some of those Madden 23 No Chill difficulties.

Head to Sets, and filter for the Snowball program instead of No Chill to find the two group vote sets for Kenny Pickett and Atalanta Huang.

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The side that gets the most votes by the time the program concludes will get an extra increase, but your Frozen Footballs can upgrade these gamers regardless.

These items can then be connected to your picked player to update them and produce a lot more powerful weapon in Madden 23 Ultimate Group.

When you place the Snowball item to vote for Pickett or Huang, one of your rewards from completing that set will be a Frozen Football.


Should I choose Pickett or Huang?

Pickett is a fantastic choice for Pittsburgh Steelers Theme Group gamers, but the catch is that there are a lot more high level quarterbacks in BUT 23.



If you’re hedging your bets on the additional upgrade, that’s the side we believe is probably to win, however nothing is ensured at this phase.

For players that are on the fence, there are a couple of things to remember as you decide which side to support.

Huang has formidable size at Strong Safety and is most likely to be in many lineups longer, numerous players are picking Huang.

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