The first half of the first half update: Blue Archive, Main Story Vol.3

Nixon (CEO Lee Dungeon) announced on the 21st that it has updated the first half of the first half for the forgotten gods for the forgotten gods.

This main story deals with the story after the Eden Treaty.
In the midst of peace, San suddenly lost his mind, and as everything was facing the catastrophe, he could see the stories of students and teachers who came to solve a series of events.

At the same time, the Arius Autonomous District Exploration Guide Mission will be conducted.

By January 17, if you achieve various missions such as the completion of the main story, clear mission, and schedule, you will receive an old Arius badge.

He also added the new school Arius branch school, Miami, a student from the Arius squad, and Hijri.
Miami is an explosive-type striker, which causes damage proportional to the attack power every time to the enemy within the circular range.
The explosive type special student Hijri fires bullets when using EX skills, which is proportional to damage to the first hit enemy.


The bullet reduces the hit enemy’s defense, depending on the number of Arius squad students organized in the same unit.

In addition, the K difficulty of the goods dungeon content was added, and the account maximum level was expanded to 80.
In addition, the company has updated various T7 equipment such as the 19th chapter of the main contents mission, bucket hat and Pal Tosh.

Meanwhile, Nixon will hold five doubled campaigns that can doubles content compensation items such as schedules and school exchanges to commemorate the main story update.

For more information about Blue Archive and this main story update, visit the official community.

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