World Cup Darts 2018: What to Expect From The First Round

The World Cup Darts 2018 will start on Friday. Who are the favorites, what can we expect from the first round, and who is playing?

After the opening evening with world champion Peter Wright, eight more video games will be at the Darts World Cup in London this Friday.
A German and the first woman likewise intervene in the evening (8:00 p.m.).


The question develops for a hot favorite: build on the strong form of the previous few weeks or an early World Cup out like in the past?

Temples obstacle

Now Germany is also associated with the Ally Pally.
While Gabriel Clemens and Martin Schindler initially have a free-wing, ex-handball gamer Florian Hempen needs to run straight in the first round.
In spite of his weak season, Hempen is easy versus the Englishman Keegan Brown (10 p.m.).

Greaves in focus

Beau Greaves recently strung 52 triumphs on the female’s tour.
Now there is a bigger test at her World Cup launching: The 18-year-old Englishwoman will deal with William O’Connor from Ireland in the evening (9:00 p.m.).
If Greaves wins, there will be a battle with the German Prius Clemens next week.

last year’s finalist starts

At the World Cup, the Englishman Michael Smith is changing in between the extremes.
Finalist in 2019 and 2022, second round in 2020 and 2021. What will it be for the Bully Kid this time, which has finally arrived this season?
In the late evening (11:00 p.m.) Smith needs to handle Northern Irish Nathan Daugherty.
At night, he had simply beat Jermaine Wartime 3-2.

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