Kakao Games introduces mobile anticipated Ever Soul. Kakao Games (CEO Cho Gye-hyun) introduced the Gan

Aka Games (CEO CHO Tae-hyun) introduced the Gander Contents on the official website of the mobile collectable RPG ‘Ever Soul’ under development by Nine Arc (CEO Lee).

When visiting the official homepage of Ever Soul, you can check video contents that introduce ▲ worldview, combat system, territorial system, and relationship system.


-What is the gander content?

The user (hereinafter referred to as the Savior) is a spiritual lord who leads the spirits, and is a lord of Apennines, and must build shops and sculptures to grow their land.
In addition, the collected spirits can carry out various activities such as part-time jobs at stores built in the territory.

-Part time job

The savior can work part-time the collected spirits and can supply goods necessary for growth.
Depending on the characteristics of each spirit, such as ‘pulse’, ‘talent’, and ‘knowledge’, you can make the right part-time jobs such as ‘guests’ and ‘returning the book’, and you can check the spirit of the spirits in real time after the beginning.

-Quest performance and hostage management

In the estate, various unexpected quests, such as ‘Finding Lost Order of Spirit’, can be obtained, and when completed, you can get the ‘ties point’ of the spirit.
‘Destination Point’ is used to view the hidden stories of each spirit and to obtain new illustrations and costumes.

In addition, during the day, you can organize your own territory, such as arranging various structures that occur in the territory, and fighting monsters invaded at night.

-Intention & Gift with Spirit

In addition to housing and management factors, the last-run is a key space where interaction with the spirits.
In the estate, you can also enjoy healing content through ‘Outing to Spirit’.
In accordance with the selection of the ‘keyword’ (topic) of the time of outing, you can influence the relationship with the spirit, give each element of gifts and earn additional ‘dating points’.

Meanwhile, Aka Games is preparing various contents to increase the contact between ‘Ever Soul’ character and user.
The outdoor booth was held at G-Star 2022 and held a field event.
The program was carried out to receive users’ response.

Ever Soul’s appearance spirit and various game information can be found on the official brand page and the official café.

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