How To Get Goblin Punch In Crisis Core.

Crisis Core allows players to use many classic Final Fantasy abilities in a more dynamic combat system with active time.
Many spells and attacks from old games can replenish the arsenal of Oak Fair and help him become a real hero.
Goblin Punch was represented in Final Fantasy IV, but in Crisis Core it has acquired a new interesting shape.

where to find the Matter Goblin Punch in Crisis Core

Goblin Punch is a team matter in which Zach freezes before applying a powerful blow.
The attack causes damage, which is neither physical nor magical, which allows it to bypass resistance.
You can get it as a reward at the end of the 4-5-4 mission or steal from Vasundhara Umbra in the 4-4-4 mission.
Mission 4-5-4: Crescent Unit Annihilation sends to download the backwards from Cutie.


You will have to fight with several Cutie warriors to complete the mission.
After this battle, you will be rewarded with the matter of Goblin Punch.
To get Goblin Punch a little earlier, you can use Steal Material on Vasundhara Umbra in the 4-4-4 mission.
Umbra fights along with Vasundhara Laura, like Vasundhara Tai and Wu earlier in the game.
Using Steal on Number gives a 50% chance to get Goblin Punch.
The goblin’s blow is the first of the five forms that this team matter takes, but the rest must be collected throughout the game.

Just steal or earn this matter to use a goblin blow against powerful opponents.
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