The 7 Tips To Defeat Thor, The God Of Thunder

You are waiting for this for tens of hours.
During the first fight against Thor, in the introduction of God of War Ragnarök, you could not finish the work.
After battle several times beside him, under the command of Atreus, it is up to Rates to end the God of Thunder.
The purpose of this guide, as well as all dedicated to the bosses, is to help you overcome them in the maximum difficulty, I want God of War so that they are also useful at lower levels.
See tips and strategies to defeat Thor, the penultimate boss of God of War Ragnarök.


If you have started Ragnarök, it’s too late to explore the world.
But if testing the waters in advance, we advise you to perform all the additional activities available, especially of high difficulty.
Having equipment level 7 or 8 looks like a good choice if you don’t want to die too much.
Certainly you have your preferences, but we suggest that you use the following enchantments in your talisman:
Higher distance from Dodge: Absolutely vital to quickly leave the areas of effect.
25% resistance to all harms: This usually makes the difference between a special effect activated in rates or not.
In this case, it is lightning.
Reduced fury cost and cancellation of fury: Absolutely fantastic, this allows the use of the burst of Activating Spartan Fury Activating: Fury to interrupt attacks or even remove a harm.
It also allows you to drain some excess of anger if necessary.
Consider buying a stone from the resurrection of the blacksmith (Major or Berserker).
But it is better to keep it for the next fight, you will not have the opportunity to buy one between the two battles.


List of attacks and how to combat them

It’s not a surprise, but Thor uses some attacks already found during the fight there at the beginning of the game, let’s not go back to them here.
The combat is quite different, however, as there are some new formidable skills to deal with.
Scams on the floor (red attack): From the second phase, when Thor is surrounded by an electric aura, he begins to use this ability.
As in the previous fight, he hits the floor several times, which causes red circles to appear there, which will be hit by lightning.
You can still attack it melee, your hammer blows do not cause damage.

It is especially necessary to be careful with the ray zones left on the floor for a few seconds, they are quite painful.
Manage your movements well and avoid having a zone behind you.
Lightning explosion (blue attack): Thor carries an attack and begins to float above the ground.
It is absolutely necessary to interrupt this attack with a shield blow, because the damage is immense.
This means that you must be quite aggressive and never get away from the boss much.
Air dive (red attack): Perhaps in reference to superhero movies, Thor flies before landing on you with the characteristic pose.
The impact is indicated by a large red circle, followed by an explosion.
Therefore, it is very easy to dodge when you know what to expect.
Stay tuned since he usually does this right after another attack to try to get you by surprise.
Launch of air hammer (red attack): Thor jumps and then throws the hammer toward him, it is important to divert from behind.
Indeed, a lightning hexagon will be formed around it on the impact.
If you dodge forward or side, you will end up in the power area, while retreating, you will be right in the center of the safe zone.
Multiple Transfer: Thor revolves around you several times quickly, switching place with each hammer release.
It is not dangerous in itself, at least before the end.
It will trigger an electric wave on the floor toward you.
You have to turn the camera quickly to follow it with your eyes and then divert when it finally attacks.
Multiple hammer throwing (red attack): Mjölnir’s throw was by far the most dangerous and difficult attack of Thor.
Now it’s even worse, as he will send several times in a row.
The trick is to deflect to the last moment, which requires practice and common sense of timing.
Try to approach Thor as soon as possible to try to make action easier.
As usual with history chiefs, there are several phases, with so many rescue points, so defeating Thor is not particularly difficult, with a little practice.
After the fight and the interesting cutscenes, it will only be a foot chief on the way to reset God of War Ragnarök.

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