Best rock poemon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Although collecting the Pokémon and Violet team is quite simple, sometimes it is better to know which Pokémon is the strongest.
A strong team will not only facilitate the game, but also help to assemble a synergistic team of monsters.
For those who want to attract a strong stone type to their group, you can find some of the strongest stone-type Pokémon in Scarlet and purple.

Best rock Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet


Sojourner is your typical bulky Pokemon of a stone type.
Sojourner, capable of dismissing most of the physical blows without any problems, dealing a response with a powerful attack statistics, fits very well into the classical form of a stone type.
In addition, if you happen to start any double battles, the ability of Sojourner Power Spot will strengthen the attacks of the allies.
Thus, the appearance of Sojourner in Ray’s gym will make a battle with a light walk.


Until the ninth generation, Colossal suffered from a terrible set of text.
The poor typification of stone/fire has many disadvantages compared to popular types, and Colossal did not have the opportunity to bend its wonderful protection due to unsuccessful typification.
Nevertheless, tantalization allows the colossal to become a bulky wall, which he had to be, which finally makes it an excellent Pokémon to resist the warring teams.


Law was a favorite of fans long before the games came out because of his appearance in trailers, as well as because of his stupid eyes.
Fortunately, Law is not only a stupid Pokémon, but also has some wonderful abilities in the combat department.
For example, Law gains access to the capacity of Anger Shell, which increases its attack, special attack and speed when hit.
Although it also reduces the protection of Cliff, it immediately turns this unpretentious rocky crab into a real threat to the warring teams, which makes it an excellent addition to the team.


Possessing a fantastic pool of movements, good statistics and a good set of text, dreadnought was quite strong Pokémon since its release in Sword and Shield.
Having access to the desired attack by Shell Smash, as well as the excellent lighting of techniques such as Poison Jab and Earthquake, dreadnought can easily withstand the first blow and immediately prepare for the punishing impact in the opposite direction.
As in the case of many other Pokémon, the realization further increased the viability of dreadnought, strengthening weaknesses in its types.


Glimmora is extremely versatile Pokémon, especially when you take into account its stone type.
This is an extremely rare rock-special attacking, having huge characteristics of a special attack confirming this.
In addition, he has many useful moves, and his ability sets toxic spikes for free when receiving a physical impact.
Because of all these factors, you can build a glimmer in almost any way, which makes it an excellent choice for the universal version of the team.


The twilight form of Laicanrock
Like the statistics of a special attack by glimmer, the twilight form of the Laicanrock boasts something completely unique for stone types-incredible statistics of speed.
While many stone types are slow physical tanks, Locarno is instead of this a quick offensive threat that seeks to destroy opponents before they can threaten its common weaker protection.

In addition, if opponents overtake it, Locarno uses many priority moves to always strike first.



Although it seems logical that Haystack fully reveals its potential and develops, Haystack is extremely strong with Violate in tow.
This subject increases its protection and special protection, allowing it to withstand blows even easier than in its fully developed form.
Nevertheless, he sacrifices a stronger general scatter of characteristics, especially in the offensive department.


By the way, Marginal has everything that Haystack has, and even a little more.
Despite the fact that he has less weight than the Stack of the Violates, Bargainable can still withstand a lot of blows.
More importantly, Marginal can also punish, and he does not need to rely on status effects or cunning movements to do his work.
This makes it much simpler and more favorable for many players.



One of the classic horrors of competitive game, a Trinitarian, will probably always be an incredible addition to most teams.
Possessing very high scores of attack and defense, this threatening pseudo-legendary Pokémon becomes a bulky decanter capable of breaking the opposing teams to shreds.
In addition, the addition of realization allows traitor to easily take blows from its terrible opponents of the combat type, which makes it even more powerful for you and dangerous for opponents.


Iron spikes
Of course, it would be unfair to mention the Trinitarian, ignoring his new futuristic analogue, iron spikes.
Replacing the dark type of traitor with a more suitable electric type, Iron Thorns is a threat in the usual gameplay and term raids.
In addition, since this is one of the future Pokémon, it receives the ability of Quark Drive, which enhances its attack on Electric Terrain or using Booster Energy.
This makes him a terrible Literalist, who can break through the opposing water types with the help of his new electric set, at the same time greatly striking everything else with his movements of the Stab Rock.
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