The starting signal for PS6 and Xbox Series Microsoft and Sony are specifically


PS5 and Xbox Series are now over two years old-hard to think, right?
No surprise Sony and Microsoft are already about potential followers.
A roughly time frame seems to be fixed-even if the 2 rivals obviously have different ideas.

next generation of consoles might begin in 2027/2028

It might sound insane, but Sony and Microsoft in fact consider PS6 and the next generation of Xbox.
Most likely, the engineers of the 2 business behind closed doors currently work under high pressure on the very first models and identify the technical specs.
And also a rough schedule for the next generation of consoles currently seems to be standing-at least that recommends the official declarations that the 2 of the competition authority of the UK have provided as part of the Activision takeover by Microsoft.

The celebrations do not reject that a few of the players will reassess their own console at the beginning of a brand-new generation.

Nevertheless, they likewise discover that this is an occasion that only contributes every eight years.
The next brand-new generation of consoles will probably not be released prior to fall 2028. – Microsoft (Source: GMA).

In a public statement of October 26, Microsoft stated that Call of Duty just wished to use it for so long at the PlayStation, ‘as it makes sense’.
A duration till 2027-or another (possibly shorter) duration, which Microsoft one side as ‘sensible’- is entirely insufficient.
If Sony launches the next generation of his PlayStation console (which will probably hold true around 2027), Sony would have lost access to Call of Responsibility and other Activision titles, which the company is extremely prone to alter.
The consumer and the associated deterioration of its competitiveness would. – Sony (source: GMA).
In other words, Sony currently presumes that the PS6 will be around in 2027, while Microsoft thinks that the next generation of consoles will be released a year later on in autumn 2028 at the earliest.
The existing generation of consoles still seems to have five to six excellent years.
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PS5 and Xbox Series: What about Slim and Pro designs?

The 2 business did not comment in their declarations.
The fact that Sony is introducing a PS5 SLIM design in the course of next year appears to be as good as in stone.
A much more powerful pro variation might appear a few months later on.
So far, there have actually been no legitimate evidence-but some interesting style ideas.
Even with the Xbox Series, there were constantly rumors about a completely restored versions of the Series S and Series X, which might potentially still appear in the course of the present generation (source: games radar).
There was also talk of an especially cheap Xbox streaming stick, however the development was obviously postponed for the time being (source: Gig).

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