Elon Musk releases the new Twitter policy

As can be noted, this particular week has been a topic regarding Twitter, since with the arrival of the new owner of the company, it seems that things will be the most different. In fact, Elon Musk has recently given a new statement through his official account, which stipulates us the new company policy.

The first thing that is pointing out is freedom of expression on the platform, so users can make known what they really think, but that does not mean that there will be total debauchery. And he writes that the tweets that encourage hate will disappear completely from the algorithm, especially with negative speeches of great diffusion figures.

The new Twitter policy is freedom of expression, but not freedom of scope.

Negative/hate tweets will be reduced to the maximum and demonized, so there will be no ads or other income for Twitter.

You will not find the tweet unless you look specifically, which is not different from the rest of the Internet.

To this is added the demonization of the content, since those who are profiting with material that can incite connotations not approved by the platform, will be removed the possibility of generating income. It is not so clear if it will be the specific publication or if it will be to the account, so they must take care of what they are making known to their audience.

Surely there will be new rules that the owner of Tesla implements in the following months, it will only be a matter of time for more information to come to light. It has been mentioned that there will be a breakdown of the company, but for the relaxed of Musk, it seems that the fall of the page is far from arriving.


Via: Twitter

Editor’s note: For now Twitter is a total disaster, I really don’t think it’s going to break, but people have already put a little paranoid with the subject. In the event that there are more alternatives.

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