The future of the new hero Lamatra and Obchi

Overwatch 2 is flying. In a month after its launch, a total of 35 million users were attracted, and the market concerns were primarily disputed. The domestic reaction is also hot. It is partially reproducing the ‘old glory’, ranking second in the market share and the FPS market share.

Nevertheless, Overwatch is a title that left the pain of failure as much as the glory of the past in the fans’ mind. Can Overwatch 2, who finally returned, repeated the previous ups and downs?

More than a month later, on November 14, Walter Kong General Manager, John Specter Commercial Lead, who is in charge of the present and future of Overwatch 2, visited Korea and held a press conference. We have heard more about the present and future of Overwatch 2, and the new hero, Lamar, the core content of the next season.

The performance of the past

In the first session of the meeting, Walter Kong General manager shared about a month after the launch of Overwatch 2.

According to Kong Manager, Overwatch 2 is the fastest early growth of all Blizzard games. In the first 10 days, a total of 25 million users were recorded, and the average number of daily users in the same period was three times the number of Blizzard’s largest daily players’ records.

Furthermore, the transition to the second episode has had a positive impact on the league. The 5-5 system reduced the total number of people, making it easier to relay, and thanks to that, the thrilling appearance could be caught on the screen. The new hero Kirk also showed a high potential in both OWL playoffs and the Grand Finals.

The performance in the Korean PC room market is also noteworthy. Since its launch, it has ranked second in the total genre and the first among the FPS genres. It even attracted the growth of the FPS genre. Kong Manager said, FPS’s overall share of FPS has increased. According to the October record, the share of the previous month has grown 5 percentage points.

Internally, we are committed to strengthening live services due to the conversion of free play. First, every 9 weeks, large-scale new content updates are planned through the season system. In addition, efforts to maintain and protect fair game environments are also on the way.

In addition, it is responding firmly with ‘permanent suspension’ with illegal programs with ‘defense matrix’ and other task force. These sanctions are released as a community forum post, and the users reported using in-game systems are notified of related measures as personal e-mails or in-game notifications.

There are 17,600 illegal program users’ accounts that have been blocked so far. Kong Manager said, This is just the beginning. We will do our best to strengthen the defensive matrix in the future.

Hero Lamar

In the second session, John Specter Commercial Lead delivered the details about the new assault hero Lamar. Lamar is actually a hero who is already known to fans a few years ago. In the cinematic video of the Storm’s Promotion event, he showed his appearance for a while.

Lamar is a three-dimensional wanderer character. In both gameplay and story, it has a point of differentiation from existing heroes.

In terms of gameplay, Lamar is a transformed hero with two forms of ‘Mink Foam’ and ‘Nemesis Foam’. The comic foam can protect allies with a barrier along with ranged attacks, and transforms into the ‘Nemesis’ form to cause great damage.

Since the two forms have the advantages and disadvantages, they will need a lot of user skills in order to make the most of Lamar’s multifaceted ability. It is necessary to manage the cooldown of each technology well, and it is necessary to transform it in a timely manner to maximize its role strategically.

In the story, Lamar was originally created for combat. At the same time, however, self-consciousness begins to get anguish. In addition, the existing hero Kenyatta is also a friend who thought about how to make peace while studying alumni under Mon data.

However, Lamar eventually left the monastery when he was dissatisfied with the teacher’s teaching, and founded the Mink group Run Sector that resisted mankind. Sumatra’s story has just begun. In the whole story of Overwatch 2, he expects to showcase his important role and background.

Meanwhile, Sumatra is a hero who was also challenged. Basically, I wanted the two concepts to feel different visually and empirically to users. However, while having such a different appearance and ability, the design was focused on the design so that the two forms were the same hero.


After the announcement, the two responded to the Q & A session about the details of the new hero Lamar, the contents of the season 2, the current status of the game and the future operation policy.

Q. Dismiss Game: We are cruising, ranking first in FPS in Korea. How do you evaluate the initial achievements of this Overwatch 2?

A. Walter Bean General Manager (hereinafter referred to as Beans): Since its launch, you can say that you are happy to achieve the performance. It’s an exciting year for the whole team. Our team has been preparing for a long time to introduce Overwatch 2 to show you a number of goals. One of the main focus was to make a game where fans who played the game could feel the reward.

To this end, I was concerned about providing constant content that existing fans wanted the most. Furthermore, I tried to satisfy both new users and return players, but I think that the launch of the first season was satisfactory considering these two goals.

A. John Specter Commerce Lead (hereinafter referred to as Spector): In addition, it is very happy to receive a very positive feedback in Season 1, but this is only the beginning. Season 2 will begin a few weeks later, and we will support the game for the next few years. I hope you can continue to give a great experience to players around the world.

Q. The cycle of the launch of the new hero is faster. What do you think about the update cycle?

A. Bean: The planned cycle is to add a new hero at least once every two seasons. We know that new characters are very expected content for users. In light of the previous experience, the addition of heroes lived throughout the game. New heroes are one of the many goals to continue to provide fresh experiences to users, and are internally satisfied with the launch cycle.

Q. How did the decrease in the number of assault heroes have changed in the game?

A. Specter: The change to the 5-5 system, the assault hero 1 system per team has a big impact across the game. Players are currently enjoying the changed system. Gameplay became flexible as it changed to 5 to 5. As it is a team game, the teamwork is still important, but at the same time, the role and influence of individual players is more positive.

Q. As the game is faster, there is an opinion that the game has become difficult among new players. What is the development team’s opinion on different play experiences of various gamers?

A. Specter: So far, the response is overall positive and I think encouraging. But on the other hand, it is also said that adaptation time is required for returning users. In addition, two barriers exists, and the strategy of the auxiliary assault hero protects the support hero no longer work.

Nowadays, the importance of flanking has increased as the tankers have been reduced to one, and the tankers have been reduced to 1. However, I am happy to enjoy 5-5 overall users. Of course, because there was a change in the game system, there are also users who need adaptation. We will continue to monitor various situations, and we will respond properly if we need change.

Q. Season 1 is in progress. I’m curious about the main change in season 2.

A. Bean: Season 2, as well as Season 2, new themes will be applied one by one in all Overwatch 2 season. Overall, the goal is to make the game experience new and fun in the conversion to Overwatch 2. This includes new cosmetics and events, including new heroes and new maps that will be added to some seasons.

Q. What is the unique ability of Sumatra? What changes do you expect for Lamar to make the game play in the future?

A. Specter: I think various play styles will be covered according to the two forms. When it is comic, allies protect them as they play ranged forking. On the other hand, the Nemesis Foam can cause great damage to the enemy. This flexibility will make play fun and different. You can try multiple play styles for each user.

Q. Sumatra plays more roles than other assault heroes. Wouldn’t the other assault hero be reduced?

A. Specter: The goal that is important inside the hero design is to have all heroes with its own advantages and disadvantages. From a balance point of view, Lamar was not the best character for Lamar or other assault heroes.

For example, when it is an comic form, it can cause damage, but it is difficult to explode. On the contrary, the Nemesis Foam can cause great damage, but the body is very large, making it easy for enemies to aim. And as a result of the test, when it turned into the Nemesis Foam, the enemy heroes eventually could easily target other heroes to avoid Lamar.

A. Bean: Sumatra’s power depends on the ability to understand when to transform. There are times when the comic form is advantageous, and the Nemesis form is advantageous, and it is an effective way to play strategically what form to take. We are also looking forward to how users use Lamar and what strategies and approaches will be used.

Q. As I have two forms, the design work seems to have been significant. Why did you think about this way?

A. Specter: Actually, the amount of work was really high. At this time, the important thing about the development team thought was to ensure that both in-game skills and both forms are well-connected to character stories and identity. Lamar is a character who wants to protect his own people at any means. I think it’s positive that the implementation of the present implementation was the optimal direction to breathe on the background of these stories. I’m looking forward to the day you will play quickly.

Q. In the user community about the two forms of Lamar, it is also said that the heroes and heroes of the existing heroes Sigma and Doom fist. How did you intend to implement each form?

A. Specter: Each form has advantages and disadvantages. When it is an comic form, it is possible to build a barrier and avoid ranged. This is similar to Sigma, but I think it has a different strength and weakness from Sigma. For example, there is a difference in terms of flexibility of damage or movement.

The same is true for Nemesis Foam. Doom fist is important for charge attacks and batting combo. However, Nemesis Foam is a hero who repeats the fist. It is different from Doom fist, which gives a strong room. There is another important difference from Doom fist. Doom fist is a very easy character to enter and get out of the enemy because of a lot of mobilization, but this is difficult.

I know why users are associated with the two heroes. However, these are very important differences, so I think it is possible to differentiate from both sigma and Doom fist.

Q. Sumatra is a hero of the first lunar sector forces. I think it will have a lot of influence on the story later.

A. Bean: Sumatra is the head of the lunar sector and is a very important role in Overwatch 2. You can’t spoil the plot in the future, but his character will be very immersive and depth, and you can understand his motivation.

Lamar is not a one-dimensional or simple Bill an in any way. He has a very powerful principle, and he has a willingness to protect his own people. I think we are also interesting characters. We are looking forward to sharing Lamar’s role in the Overwatch Universe.

Q. When I saw Lamar, I thought it was a character at the opposite of Kenyatta. Kenyatta is an idealist and a healing hero, but Lamar is an assault hero and a realistic character. Was there a prototype such as a real person or a film work in Lamar settings?

A. Specter: The good thing about Lamar’s story was that he could show how his story and the past intersect with Kenyatta. The two are the same as their brothers, but they walked on a different road. Looking at the parts shared by the two characters, the users will be fun. I know there is no reference to historical real characters. However, it is expected to be able to show the story of these two friends.

Q. This time, Lamar is an assault hero. In addition to the next character, you will need to choose one of the three positions. For example, do you refer to the flow of the game Smetana league?

A. Specter: The pipeline of hero development is very long. It takes a long time from idea to be able to experience the game. At this time, the concerns start with creating a fun and interesting concept that users love, and overall, the roster is expanded to give a new experience and giving an element to enjoy on the universe.

The addition of heroes is to expand the hero grass of each position in a variety of order to combine the three jobs properly. Sumatra is now released, but next season, we plan to add a support hero to create a richer supporter pool.


Q. Sumatra’s story is interesting.

A. Kong: One of the things we expect from EVE is that we can deliver narrative elements to users. The EVE is planned in 2023, which will enrich the overall experience and allow users to enjoy the story of heroes more deeply.

Q. Sumatra’s transformation is not as mechanical, like Basin, rather than a mechanical transformation, as if the muscles are attached and the size is biologically growing. How do you transform Lamar in the setting?

A. Specter: This will have a chance to talk more later. First, I like Lamar, which is now small, visually. I think it’s interesting to see the same hero, while crossing the two play styles, and to show how to protect their own people in different ways.

A. Bean: It is interesting to see the view that it is different from Bastion’s transformation. Like that, Lamar’s transformation is a functional transformation, but it also reveals personality changes. It was a more focused role in the comic form, and when it was transformed, it was also an aggressive character.

Q. What do you think is the role in esports games compared to existing assault heroes?

A. Specter: Every time a new hero is new, users around the world see what new attempts are. The same is true for professional players of esports teams. Personally, I am surprisingly watching the world’s best players showing the limitations of the hero every time they release a new hero.

In the case of Lamar, as with the previous heroes, we will adjust not only the popular users but also the play of the professional people and listening to the related feedback, which will be fun and proud to play the proper balance.

Q. Lastly, what would you like to talk to the community with Korean fans who loved Overwatch for a long time?

A. Bean: First, since the launch of , the actual players will entertain the game, and it is encouraging that the expectation of the entire franchise has increased. It seems that I have been sending hot support from all over the world, including Korea, and I am happy to have an unprecedented level of heat.

In fact, on October 4 (at the time of launch), it is unexpected to see what the result will actually face. I just wanted to have good results. However, after seeing the actual launch, users around the world enjoyed it.

I am grateful that I have a chance to directly listen from various players around the world. After launching, the reason for visiting Korea is to convey thanksgiving and listen to the actual player’s voice of the game on the field.

We think of the development of Overwatch 2 as a marathon, not a short distance race. I think you can get a variety of insights to share with the team. In the future, we will try to give you a better experience in many good ways.

A. Specter: As Walter says, I want to say thank you the most. He feels humble in the various support and reactions given to Overwatch 2. I think that Korea and all over the world have joined the journey of making and growing games. I will listen to all of your feedback and do my best to be the best game for everyone.

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