Nikke, No. 1 Google sales within a week of launch

Shift-up’s ‘Goddess of Victory: Nike’ has achieved the No. 1 Google Play Store sales.

‘Victory Goddess: Nike’ ranked first in domestic Apple Store sales since its official launch on November 4th, ranking No. 1 in the Japanese App Store on the 5th, and 7th in Korea’s Google Play Sales Rankings and 8th in the North American Apple App Store It has continued to rise, including recording. And exactly the first week of its launch today (November 11), it ranked No. 1 in Google Play. The App Store is currently ranked second in sales.

‘Goddess of Victory: Nike’ is a TPS game that implements an arcade Hyde & shot-type shooting game on mobile. I drew a story of fighting against. The user must become a commander who commands Nike, organizing the squad, directly controlling each Nike, or by the auto to defeat the raptures.

Since its initial release, ‘The Goddess of Victory: Nike’, which features attractive art and characters of the shift elite illustrator jeans, is characterized by a new spine technology. In this way, it was a charming point that expresses the various movements of beautiful girl characters using various firearms such as loading, shooting, and recoil, not just a simple touch reaction while using the feeling of live 2D. In addition, in order to minimize the hassle of repeated farming during the development process, we introduced elements of neglected RPGs such as a synchro device that shares the level and an outpost that can accumulate and receive goods every minute.

For more information about the goddess of victory: Nike, you can check the official lounge.

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