Com2us achieved the largest sales in the third quarter, but operating profit fell 87%

Comes released its 3Q results on the 11th.

Comes’ sales in 3Q in 2022 recorded the highest sales performance in the third quarter, with an increase of 64.7% over the previous year. However, operating profit fell 87.7% to 1.6 billion won.

The reason for the rise in sales is thanks to Summers War: Chronicle’s domestic release performance. In the third quarter of Coitus, overseas sales rose 20.6% year-on-year to W11.1bn, but domestic sales rose 190.6% year-on-year to 85.1 billion won. In addition, overall sales have increased significantly as the baseball lineup and the previously acquired media content subsidiaries have stabilized. Cumulative sales in the third quarter also grew by 34%, reaching 512.9 billion won, which is close to the previous year’s annual sales.

However, the decrease in operating profit is due to Summers War: Chronicle. This is because marketing costs and investment to strengthen game development personnel have increased significantly. In fact, Marketing costs in the third quarter of Comes increased 36.7% year-on-year, and labor costs increased 57%. In addition, the payment fee for equity investments also increased by 23%. Overall operating costs increased 84.3% year-on-year to W184.6bn.

Comes is also rebounding in operating profit through Summers War: Chronicle, which was released in North America on the 10th. In addition, we will also challenge the new market by combining various blockchain games with Web 3 Main net PLA (Expla). In the case of Com2 Bus, the company will start the official service in 2023 after the in-house test in November.

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