Valorant – Skins: All aspects of the Specter, the weapon with which you kill running to your rivals

The Specter is one of Valorant’s most used weapons.
Many players buy it in the second and third round of the game, to force or make a bonus.
At a short distance it is one of the best weapons of the game, and for the price it offers, many players do not hesitate to spend those 1,600 credits.
In addition, one of the characteristics of this gadget, and that so much frustrates many players is that you ask to kill practically running, which makes it an ideal weapon for the Rushes and those short distances that we mentioned earlier, especially if you face a round
Economic rival.


Next, we review all the aspects that have come to Valorant of one of the Specter, dividing as we have done before with the rest of the game’s weapons

All Skins of Specter taken in 2020

All Skins of Specter launched in 2021

All Valorant skins launched in 2022

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