How did Odin lose his eye at God of War Ragnarok? Explained

God of War Ragnarök presents a fantastic cast of characters, each different in personality and design. Thor’s structure and giant muscles give him that aspect of Guerrero, while Odin seems more scholarly, which he calls the thirst for knowledge. A key characteristic of Odin is that he lacks an eye, a very striking detail that must have an interesting story, right? If you were also wondering «How did Odin lose his eye at God of War Ragnarök?» Don’t look for more.

Alex: This article contains God of War Ragnarök. spoilers

How Odin lost his eye at God of War Ragnarök

Odin lost an eye presumably when trying to look inside a mystical crack.

According to Odin, when he was a much younger God, he found a green crack, a kind of tear in the kingdom itself. After a greater investigation, and presumably when he comes into contact with the crack, Odin is injured in the process. This is confirmed when Odin goes back to Women when he tries to do the same, which leads Odin to show Women what cost him to be too risky.

It is an interesting turn in the original Nordic story, which says Odin intentionally sacrificed his eye to achieve wisdom and knowledge above all. In God of War Ragnarök, it was accidental but still with the intention of learning secrets.

Now you know How Odin lost his eye in God of War Ragnarök , for being a young God not so cautious in search of knowledge. To get more information about the game or its tradition, find out where to find all Dunn apples in Álfheimr. If you consider yourself a warrior, you better learn to use light and heavy runic attacks in God of War Ragnarök.

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