Pokemon Scarlet, Violet

Data to infer the reservation purchases of Pokémon Scarlet, Violet (hereinafter referred to as Scarlett, Violet), have been released.

The video game chain ‘COME!’ In Niagara Prefecture, Japan, updates scores for the top 20 games with a lot of reservation purchases. Since its launch, one of the few numbers that can be expected to sell Scarlett and Violet before the sales volume announced by Nintendo is one of the few numbers.

Come Point has its own reliability in the existing case. In the past, was about 800 points (about 2,500 times), and were about 600 points (about 2,300 times), and Legend Arose. OSU> is about 650 points at 1.42 million (about 2,200 times), <Retro! Pikachu and Eve recorded 66.5 million pieces (about 2,200 times) of about 300 points. This is close to the actual sales volume multiplied by 2,000 points.

As of November 8, Scarlet and Violet are 1,251 points (double packs doubled). In terms of individual titles, Violet scores 443 points, Scarlet’s are 420 points, and Scarlett and Violet Double Pack are 194. If you calculate the current score of 10 days until the launch date of Scarlett and Violet, it is estimated that the first week’s sales in Japan can be more than 2.5 million.

Comb point showing a reservation purchase volume. Source: Compaq homepage

Pokémon’s latest comb point graph. Source: Twitter @pierre485

In the graph comparing the CombgPoint before the release date, Scarlett and Violet are , , and <Let’s Go! Pikachu and Eve are showing higher figures.

Scarlett and Violet will be released on November 18 as a Nintendo Switch. Meanwhile, before the release date, Nintendo continues to release the new Pokémon in Scarlett and Violet. The most recently released ‘Moe-ryeong’ has two ways. ‘Box Foam’ will be released through Scarlett Violet, and ‘walking form’ was released through Pokémon GO.

The cumulative sales volume around the world is 24.5 million in Swords, Shield, Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl, and 1,479 million, Legend Areas, 12.64 million, and Result! Pikachu, Eve, was 1466 million, with high sales of all the switch titles.

Initial sales and cumulative sales are also noteworthy, such as the estimate through the compact point.

Mojae-ryeong ‘Box Foam’ can be found in ‘Scarlet and Violet’.

Mojae-ryeong ‘walking foam’ was released in ‘Pokémon GO’.

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