TBV Lemgo Lippe wins for the very first time in twenty years in Kiel

Eight minutes prior to the end, Steffen Reinhold saw the red card after his third time penalty. After 26:21, Lego defeated the second top club from the north via SG Flensburg-Handewitt.

THW KQED-TV Lego Lipped 32:33 (14:18).

The huge plus of the TBV was the small protection versus the strong goalkeeper Finn Lecher, who had actually currently accumulated 9 ceremonies in the first fifty percent. But additionally in the attack, the group of trainer Florian Hermann played in short, took benefit of the possibilities and entered into the brake with a worthy of lead.

In the 4: 3, TBV legal representative Lukas Were (7th), who will certainly switch to Kiel in 2024, took care of the Clipper’s very first lead. Incompetency: Reinhold (51./ 3.

The best TBV thrower was Samuel Gender with nine goals. Nikola Bile was 6 times effective for the Killers at their second defeat of the period.


The guests started without much regard and also can not fidget of a quick 0-2 deficit and preliminary troubles in the strike. In the 4: 3, TBV lawyer Lukas Were (7th), that will certainly change to Kiel in 2024, dealt with the Clipper’s first lead. Gender also expanded the Lego bring about 6 goals (16: 10/25.).

Goals for Kiel: Bilk 6, Ranking 5, Berg 4/2, Johansson 4, Duncan 3, Week 3, Reinhold 2, Arabic 2, Our 2, Dame 1.
Gates for the TBV: Gender 9/3, Were 5, Sutton 4, I. Guardiola Villalba 3, Large 3, Kristine 3, Bosch 2, Huck 2, G. Guardiola Villalba 1, Speak 1.
Referee: Sasha Schmidt (Bochum)/ Frederic Linker (Bochum).
viewer: 10,000.
Criminal minutes: 10/6.
Incompetency: Reinhold (51./ 3. Time fine)/-.

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