The goddess of victory: Nikke launch D-1… Subculture version shakena

[nbabuymt Moon Byung-soo] The launch of the anticipated in the second half of the year, Nike: The Goddess of Victory, has come ahead. It is noteworthy that it will be able to achieve visible results in the genre of beautiful girl game that has emerged as a mainstream market.

According to the game industry on the 3rd, Level Infinite will launch ‘Nike: Victory Goddess (Nike)’ at 7:00 am on the 4th at 7:00 am on the global market, including Korea. Only iOS and Android versions are introduced on this day, and the PC version is considering launching. In addition to Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Chinese, Chinese, German, and Thai, five servers will be provided: Korea, Japan, North America, Southeast Asia, and Global (Europe). Pre-downloads are available from the 3rd.

Nike is a new work developed by Shift-up, led by Kim Hyung-tae, a famous art director of Genesis 4 and Blade & Soul. It is a gun shooting game that is the main character of the battle humanoid life, Nike, who fights on behalf of humanity against the background of the post-apocalypse-based worldview, which was collapsed by an unidentified weapon. It provides the convenience of shooting with a vertical screen that can be enjoyed with one hand. Different attacks such as rifle, sniper guns, shotguns, and rocket launchers were also implemented.

The game has been animated to reveal the character’s personality even in various movements, such as shooting posture and reloading in combat, and it is characterized by a sense of 3D space with detail. The combination of card collecting elements and casual shooting genres that utilize tactics and tactics are pursued new fun.

The game industry is paying attention to how Nike will achieve in the mobile game market, as the MMORPG genre is read. The beautiful girl subculture game has been proven to be more than 15 billion won in sales by Aka Games ‘Uranus Me’ update ‘Italian Black’ update. The key is whether Nike will take over Baton.

Expectations for success are considerable. Nike has grown more than 3 million users in a month after the pre-booking on September 7. In addition, the Apple App Store has been ranked No. 1 in the free game of the Apple App Store. In the global test conducted in August, more than 90% of players have reacted positively in ‘Satisfaction of Overall Games’. Level Infinite will exhibit Nike at G-Star 2022, an international game exhibition held in BEX CO, Susan from November 17th.

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