Angrboda God of War Ragnarok: Origin and Relations in Nordic Mythology

The character of the time in the articles dedicated to the gods and giants of God of War Ragnarök is Anybody . Absent in the 2018 game, Jo tun does not yet have an arc revealed in the Nova plot. But we can speculate the role of Anybody in Ragnarök by researching her story in Nordic mythology.

ANYBODY: Origin and relationship between the characters


Anybody belongs to the great family of giants . She was a lover of the god Loki . This relationship generated three monstrous children: Henri, the giant wolf ; Jörmungandr, The serpent of the world; and Held (HEL or Hell), The Goddess of Death.

Because of this relationship with Loki, it is quite possible that Anybody has a history arc with Atreus in God of War Ragnarök. But this is just an Schism based on Nordic mythology.

Her name

Its name means the one that ings sadness . Anybody can also be written Angered or Anybody.

ANYBODY: Function and attributes

The role of her

Anybody is a giant . She is the mother of three of the most fearsome monsters who have fundamental roles in the Ragnarök and therefore sometimes considered the mother of the end of time. It is also described as a witch who lives in a forest in Rotunda , the world of giants, and it is said to have metamorphosis powers, notably turning into wolf.

How can we recognize it?

It is described with hair and eyes of dry blood color .

mythological references and possible connection with the game

The children of Anybody

The three children Anybody has with Loki are three fearsome monsters. The gods learned from a prophecy that these creatures would cause great misfortunes and decide to act.

The deities chain Henri, throw Jörmungandr into the sea that surround Midgard and send Hellman , the kingdom of those who died of old age and illness, to rule there. But that does not prevent Ragnarök from happening…



Despite not knowing Anybody’s outcome in Ragnarök, two of the giant’s sons end up playing a significant role in the end of time. FEN RIR and Jörmungandr kill two of the most powerful gods. Show while the wolf eliminates Odin , the snake is killed by Thor , but the monster’s poison ends up killing the owner of the hammer Mjölnir he takes nine steps.

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