How to cook a pair in Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dream light Valley, players can create various recipes and dishes, collecting ingredients from different biomes. A pair of fugues is one of the recipes that you need to cook, and it is classified as a dish with three stars. The renewal of the Kingdom of Scars brought several new aspects to the game, and players should be prepared for rapid progress. The ingredients necessary for the preparation of fugue steamed can be found in the forest of valor, on the beach of Dazzle and in forgotten lands, so you need to unlock these biomass. Here’s how to cook a pair in Disney Dream light Valley.

Какие ингредиенты необходимы для приготовления фугу на пару в Disney Dream light Valley?

A pair of fugues is a three-star recipe in Disney Dream light Valley, and three different ingredients are needed to prepare it. You will need one piece Fugue fish one piece ginger and one piece garlic Cook this dish in Disney Dream light Valley. Of all the ingredients, Fugue fish is elusive and is found only in the Dazzle Beach biomes. You can catch this fish only during the rain. Throw a fishing line from a fishing rod to gold bubbles on ponds on the Dazzle beach. You can find the necessary ingredients in the list below.


One fish Fugue *: You can catch during the rain, catching gold bubbles in Dazzl-Beach .
One garlic : can be assembled in forest of valor by boom.
* Look for sheet shoots germinating from the ground.
* Garlic seeds can be bought in the Huff Country in the forest of valor for 50-star coins.
One ginger : can be assembled from forgotten lands by boom.
* Look for deciduous shoots on Earth.

When you have all three ingredients, go to the stove. Add the ingredients and use coal ore to cook food. Fugue for a couple is sold for 1400-star coins that can be spent to get 3668 energy. We recommend that you consume it to remain completely energy during the quest. If you do not use it, give the companion a pair of fugues prepared for a couple to increase the level of friendship with it in Disney Dream light Valley.

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