Representative Kim Dong -wook, Seoul, supports e -sports as a game ordinance

Representative Kim Dogwood of the Seoul Metropolitan Council (National Power, Gangnam 5) proposed an ordinance proposal to support the game industry and e-sports revitalization in August. There are national game industry laws and e-sports industrial laws, but in the meantime, there have been no order for ordinance that reflects the unique characteristics of the game. Kim Dogwood, a member of the city’s ordinance, made the mayor of Seoul to promote the game industry and e-sports.

On the 17th, a debate on how to improve the direction of the game industry was held by Kim Dogwood. Representative Kim Dogwood said, If the ordinance is passed, I believe that the game industry and esports ecosystem will be closely linked to the public area, and support will be secured smoothly. Representative Kim expects to pass the ordinance in November.


Kim Hyundai, chairman of Seoul Metropolitan Government, said, The law and the system must meet the changes in the times. Even if the speed of legislation cannot follow the change of citizens’ experiences and perceptions, it should not be at least a long time behind. I hope to check the existing infrastructure to create a new roadmap, and to create more added value through investment in innovation.

Jean Tae-hyun, head of the Seoul Industry Promotion Agency (SBA), presented the theme of supporting Seoul’s game industry and supporting e-sports. SBA aims to build the game industry ecosystem, foster future talent, and implement cultural cities. The general manager said, Initial production game contents, leave commercialization support, esports base centered on the Essex Center, customized talent matching, international competitions, and community competition support, and Seoul e-star operation I will support the e-sports’ industry.

‘Helios’ Shin Donging, Benji Global Academy Coach talked about the policy support necessary by utilizing the professional gamer experience. As a coach, the biggest difficulty I felt by fostering professional gamers is that many children dream and challenge professional gamers, but there are not many opportunities, he said. It’s easy to fall into a lost way.

New coach presented a professional gamer educational institution in the form of a special purpose high school with policy support. It is to operate relevant educational institutions for students who wish to be a professional gamer career to set objective and challenging goals. Shin said, I think it will help children access to the game industry and esports-related ecosystems, and actually help to lay the foundation for fostering pro gamers. In addition, e-sports experts were easily explained to parents, and they recommended that parents would be together, not just coaches.

Shin Coach emphasizes that life after the play of athletes should be considered. We need to open the opportunity to promote a solid life design.

Kim Jong-il Caster (former t Broadcasting Station) said, There are a lot of games that have the possibility of esports every year, but they are trapped in the wall of commercially and are not doing diversity and possibility. Expecting job creation of various job groups, he said.

Kim Castor said, There are various occupational groups in the game industry, but it is difficult to clearly explain how to do this and how to do this. It will be helpful to improve access to various jobs in the game industry.

Kim Shulchan, Secretary-General of the Korea e-Sports Association, proposed to incorporate school sports as a way to cooperate with local governments to revitalize e-sports. E-sports is a new form of future sports industry, and in order to foster and revitalize the government and local governments, it is necessary to establish a systematic policy based on organic cooperation. The establishment of the school esports system can recognize esports as a sport and contribute to the spread of positive interest. Kim added, It is necessary to enact a certified rules and regulations for the school to hold the school’s smooth competition.

President Kim △ Establishing a school-professional cooperation system to guarantee learning rights for middle and high school students in early professional, △ establishing a system to escape from the trainee system and discover the athletes based on school sports △ Elite to revitalize the school e-sports club The establishment of a balanced development policy as a living sport △ a new school sports club registration system proposed to promote integrated management and athlete registration system.

In addition, Kim said it is urgent to prepare a space for the e-sports major event competition. Kim has asked the government or local governments to support the e-sports industry in advance of more than 8,000 sports facilities. In relation to this, we can review the maintenance of local government facilities to attract game-related international events.

Choir Sam-ha, a professor at Songs University, said, We need to look at the game more and more in the future from accepting the game as an entertainment element. I hope to prepare education and systems that can draw out through ordinances and legislation.

Meanwhile, the ordinance proposed by Kim Dogwood, the representative, specifies the market responsibilities, comprehensive plans, and implementation obligations to foster the game industry and support e-sports. Previously, Seoul has indirectly supported the game industry through the Ordinance on Fostering the Cultural Contents Industry. If the seoul ordinance is passed, you can expect direct support for the city game and e-sports industries.

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