Steam Deck is easy to introduce mods in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim -Sto a special edition to find a classic work to play on Deck [Special feature]

Steam Deck is a portable gaming machine that is already on sale overseas from Valve. I guess some people actually touched the Tokyo Game Show 2022 the other day and were impressed by the high potential.

However, about 20 titles actually played at the Tokyo Game Show 2022 venue. And all titles were vanilla that was not introduced. If you are a core gamer, you may think that PC games can only be put in a mod.

So, this time, as a special edition of Find the standard work to play with Steam Deck, can you introduce a mod of THE Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim , which is a representative of the game that introduces MOD, can be introduced in Steam Deck. I would like to try it. If you read this article, you will be able to understand the MOD situation in Steam Deck.

What is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

This work will be the action RPG released by Bethesda Soft works in 2011. Players become one of the people who live in Skyrim and run around the world as they are (players).

Overwhelming freedom as an open world action RPG, interaction between NPCs, sometimes conflicts, and Radiant Story systems, how the quests are flexibly changing depending on how players have lived in the Skyrim world. It is a game that role-playing (plays a role) for one person living in the world.

Its popularity spreads all over the world, and it is a huge hit that sells 10 million copies in 2012. In addition, this work has many Mods that can remodel the game itself to your liking if you have knowledge of your volunteers, and it can be said that it is a notch that is a notch that has rooted in MOD culture in Japan.

In addition, the Steam Deck support status of this work is playable (partially displayed, partially set up and operations required for some additional work).

Mod itself is not difficult

For the reasons to be described later, let’s check Legendary Edition at first. By the way, when introducing a mod in this work, the simple method is to use the workshop. Select Skyrim from the Steam Deck menu and select Game Information tabs → Press Workshop to display the list registered in Steam.

After searching for MOD for your preference, open the page, press Subscript Live. Then it will change to during subscribe. Now you’re ready.

After that, if you start as usual, the MOD that is subscribed on the menu screen will be loaded. Then check the mod you want to use in Data Files. And if you press Play, the game will start with the MOD introduced. It’s really easy.

In fact, this time, I downloaded a lot of graphics-related mods from a lot of tributes and played the game, but there was almost no moment when the FPS was below 60 in Steam Deck’s default settings. 。 In addition, the MOD itself is moving firmly, and it has been confirmed that the texture and water texture are more realistic as shown in the image.

This is the sky if there is no mod.

Here is when the mod Pure Weather is inserted. The blue sky is expressed clearly and gives a bright impression.

Here is the water surface without MOD.

This is when the MOD Pure Water is introduced. In a shallow place, the water can be visible clearly. Regardless of the operation of the introduction of a large amount of MOD to the limit, DECK would be enough if it was a bit seasoned.


There is no degree of freedom and comfort of MOD as much as you do with Windows aircraft

However, there are two major problems in introducing MOD to Skyrim using the Steam workshop introduced this time.

The first point is a game unique to the game, which is widely known to existing users, but if you set it in Japanese in language settings, it is impossible to introduce a MOD via a workshop.

Even if the language setting is Japanese and Skyrim is introduced and MOD is tried to enter, an error is displayed, and the MOD cannot be introduced. This is because tesv.exe, some flash files and user interfaces are unique when setting Japanese. The Mod of Skyrim is mostly produced based on English status, so the language setting does not support Japanese status.

Therefore, in order to play with mod, it is inevitable to play language settings in English. Originally, there would be a way to translate English notation into Japanese using external tools such as Skyrim String Localizer, and in fact many users have both Japanese translation and mod.

However, it is not easy to take that means this time.

The second point is to stand there. You can say the main subject. This is the reason why we did not use the mainstream remastered version, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition. This Skyrim SE does not have a Steam workshop in the first place, so you cannot introduce a MOD via a workshop.

Then you may think that it should be introduced using a Nexus Mod Manager, etc., but that’s the problem. Steam Deck has a mode called desktop mode that performs the same operation as a conventional PC. However, the OS of Steam Deck’s desktop mode is the original OS Steam OS based on Arch Linux.

Linux is different from the common sense of Windows, so in my PC skills, Windows, which introduces external tools, could not even respond to work that has been done as a matter of course. Of course, there is a problem whether the tool is compatible with Linux in the first place. There is no way to remodel the Steam Deck and introduce Windows, but it will be difficult to change the OS unless you have a lot of motivation. In any case, it is just away from a convenient PC gaming, such as a console machine, which many people will seek from DECK.

Currently vanilla is better when playing with Steam Deck

So, for this summary

  • MOD itself can be introduced in the Steam workshop and the operation is stable. However, only LE has a workshop

  • If you do not set language settings in English, MOD cannot be used, and it is difficult to translate into Japanese.

  • Use of external tools requires minimum Linux knowledge in addition to the tool itself.

Will be. Therefore, as a personal impression, Skyrim concludes that if you play with Steam Deck, you will recommend playing in vanilla.

On the other hand, the fact that the STEAM workshop worked without any problems can be very easy to touch the MOD culture with titles that are completed only by workshops that do not require external tools. Depending on the spread of DECK, I also felt that MOD culture would spread more widely on those who do not play PC games.

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