Genshin Impact Cyno: Build, weapons, resources and artifacts

CNO is one of the highlights of version 3.1 of Genshin Impact , in the update he arrives along with Candace and will accompany the traveler at certain times for adventures in the Summer desert . Known as General Maharashtra, he is the second Electron of the New Region, along with Doris , and dominated the spear and function as a strong DPs **. In this guide we have gathered built suggestions, including the best weapons, artifacts and team combinations.

The five-star character has an impactful presence, by the dominant position, leaves the researchers of the Summer Academy fearful. Remembering this is not the first date between players and CNO. The character had already been introduced to the community at the world launch of the game. After a year of waiting, the hero reaches East officially.

How to play well from CNO?

For fans of Razor , CNO’s skills can remember those of the Ronstadt resident visually. DPS can easily shoot down enemies for wide areas and awaken the Anubis entity. Its damage Electron is focused on performing elementary reactions, so it is important that it is in teams composed of members who can function as batteries and users of the Pedro **.

Order of talent evolution

The most suitable weapons

Best artifacts for CNO

Recommended statistics

Main Order:


  • HP
  • ATQ
  • P. Elemental
  • Electron % damage
  • Critical damage %

Sub attributes

  • Elemental Mastery
  • ATQ
  • Critical rate and critical damage
  • Energy recharge

CNO’s perfect constellation

CNO has an advantageous constellation, different from certain characters whose points can be almost unnoticed. But to save resources, the player must pay attention to c2 , known as Ceremony: Return of souls , that there will be a higher percentage of damage Electron by hitting normal attacks.

The best teams for CNO

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