Teamfight Tactics – What is Darkflight Essence?

Team fight Tactics is a game of automatic chess developed by Riot Games in which champions from League of Legends are involved. In Team fight Tactics, you can watch how your favorite champions fight on your behalf, changing their positions and objects to ensure victory. There are many features on the basis of which you can build commands, including the terrible Dark flight. Here is an explanation of the essence of Dark flight in Team fight Tactics.

What is Dark flight Essence in Team fight Tactics?

The Dark flight Dark asks the players to sacrifice each round to provide additional health to all the units of Dark flight. Together with additional health, all Dark flight champions temporarily receive one of the subjects of the unit sacrificed. However, if players try to spread the emblem or object that cannot be created instead all the champions of the flight of darkness receive the essence of the flight of darkness.


This item gives 130 health, 13 armor, 13 resistance to magic, 13 attacks of attack and 13 magic damage. All champions of Dark flight. Some objects that give the essence of a dark flight are emblems, shoulder blades and flickering scales. Although the essence of the flight of darkness provides a comprehensive buff, its usefulness is inferior to objects that can be made. It is more effective to invest in objects with a status effect.

If a non-manufactured and manufactured item is placed on the donated unit, the copied object will be randomly selected. In some rounds, the champions of the flight of darkness will receive a legal subject, and in others-the essence of the flight of darkness. To remove an object that cannot be made from the unit sacrificed, players can use a magnetic puller or a cut.

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