When will the broken overwatch 2 classification system be fixed?

Overwatch 2 is now available and there has been a lot of time for players to get to work with new games 5 against 5 in the competitive game. However, it seems that what people do, they are still placed at the lowest competitive level regardless of how well they have done it in the placement matches. We tell you everything we know about When the Broken Overwatch 2 Overwatch Classification System will be fixed.

When will the broken overwatch 2 classification system be fixed?

For those who are not familiar with the competitive game in Overwatch 2, the lowest range is bronze 5. There have been multiple internet reports of players of all levels of skill (even former great teacher level players) of the original Overwatch that They place in bronze. 5.

While there must be players at that level, it seems very unlikely for players who have previous experience in the game at a high level. Overwatch 2 is undoubtedly a different game with a set of 5 against 5 and other changes of characters, but not to the point where several players at one of the highest levels can suddenly become one of the players with the lowest ranking of the world.

As for when this will be solved, Blizzard has not yet officially recognized the problem, so could be a time .

Are the Overwatch 2 classification system really broken?

The fact that this has to be answered is the main problem here. At this time, it seems that the way people are located and barely climb means that the system is broken. However, when playing ourselves in competitive mode, this is how the system works. Its level will adjust after seven victories, or 20 losses or draws.

The biggest problem is that Blizzard has not been transparent enough on how the ranges work in Overwatch 2. The team is usually extremely transparent about the game systems, but they have not published anything official about what happens with the classification system.

Where is Bastion at Overwatch 2?

In addition to this problem, there is also an error with Bastion that Blizzard is solving at this time that the team eliminated the hero of all game modes. You can read more about what happened here.

That is all we currently know about When the broken overwatch 2 overwatch classification system will be fixed. As soon as Blizzard announce some official plan to fix the system, we will update this guide with the relevant information.

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