What is a superbakibol tournament? Exit date, platform, beta

Super Buckyball Tournament is a dynamic competitive game that combines sports and heroic fights to create unique impressions. It was developed and published by Pathed Games and is designed to combine a unique game process, the theme of cyberpunks and aspects of a multiplayer game into exciting experience.

everything we know about the Super Buckyball Tournament

Super Buckyball Tournament is a multiplayer sports game of 3 by 3, in which characters with super name are involved. Choose your player and work with teammates to pass, beat and score a winning goal. That’s all we know about the Super Buckyball Tournament.

What is the release date of Super Buckyball Tournament?

The Super Buckyball Tournament will be released November 14 , 2022 , for Steam. You can monitor the official Twitter superbakibol tournament for additional information and updates.


What platforms will Super Buckyball Tournament take place?

The Super Buckyball Tournament will come out Cook on steam initially, but there are plans for console release after the release of the PC. There is no exact date, but the early indicators indicate the end of this year or 2023 for the release of the console.

How to play the beta version of Super Buckyball Tournament?

Before the release of Super Buckyball Tournament will conduct a public beta version during Prepare the next festival October 3 , 2022 and will be available until October 10 , 2022 **. Since it is publicly available, you must find the name on Steam and load demo during Steam Next Fest.

tournament Super Buckyball unites Overwatch and Rocket League

The Super Buckyball tournament combines hero aspects of Overwatch with adrenaline gameplay from the missile league. Choose from a diverse list of characters with unique abilities, skills and styles of the game and work with your teammates to score the ball into the goal. Set your hero and shine in decisive games using teamwork.

Trailer of the Super Capitol Tournament

You can see what is happening in the Super Buckyball Tournament by switching to the Pathed Games channel on YouTube. Look at the trailer with the release date and see for Super Buckyball Tournament yourself.

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