Including Overwatch 2 and Modern Warfare 2

It is at the end of 2022. Many games are usually released in October to December, especially in October this year, which is literally a month. From Blizzard’s Overwatch 2 to Dragon Ball The Breakers, a so-called De Bade, and the latest works of popular FPS Series Call of Duty Series, we introduce the game anticipated in October.

Overwatch 2 (October 05 │ PS4/5, CSX/S, PC Korean)

Blizzard’s team-based hyper FPS, Overwatch’s sequel Overwatch 2 is finally released. Unlike the previous work, which was 6-6, the number of people decreased to 5 to 5, and the appearance and skills of all heroes were changed as a whole. Some of them have changed their positions from a dealer to a tanker hero like a Doom fist. In addition, new battlefields and modes have been added, and three new characters, including Junker Queen, Someone, and Kirk, have shown many changes in line with the name ‘2’. Can Overwatch 2 regain the glory of the past?

Super People (October 11 PC Korean language support)

Super People is a 1 or third-person Battle Royale game developed by domestic developer Wonder People. At first glance, it is very similar to the same genre of battleground, and Super People introduced classes, skills, and crafting systems here. Each class has a powerful ultimate to overturn unique skills and war, so not only Aim’s skills but also skills use. Battlegrounds are boring and A-fax legend is not a hand, but it’s a good idea to try it.

Asterisks (October 11 │PS4/5, HBO, CSX/S, PC Korean)

Asterisks is Soul Lake Action RPG. He is a young warrior, Hilda, and explores the city of Greek myth that comes to mind finding her missing father. The game has more than 60 enemies and 22 bosses, and it is characterized by fighting two of the six weapons, including swords, shields, double swords, spears, hammers, wands, and magic bracelets. The brilliant battles that change neat graphics and various weapons are recommended for gamers who like Soul Lake games.

Torchlight Infinite (October 12 PC, Mobile support)

Torchlight Infinite is an action RPG of the Nucleus and Slash genre, and it is a game that follows the laws of the Hack & Slash, which combines numerous skills and equipment to make your own build and slaughter many enemies. There are six classes by adding recently released prophet classes, and each game is a game that allows you to build a variety of characters by combining unique characteristics, skills and equipment. According to the beta test, even though it is mobile, it has a good optimization and cool blow, and one of the characteristics is that it is possible to trade freely with auctions that do not require any paid goods. If you are looking for a hack and slash game that you can do, the torchlight Infinite will not be a bad choice.

Dragon Ball The Breakers (October 13 │PS4, HBO, PC, NS-Korean)

Dragon Ball The Bray Keys is a one-on-7 asymmetric match game that appears as a character in the Dragon Ball. Survivors who do not have any combat ability, such as Burma and Trying, must survive the villain of the Dragon Ball series such as Freezer and Cell. Radar kills survivors and NPCs to gain experience, and evolves, unlocking skills and destroying the region. Survivors can run away to the radar using items and skills to operate the target Super Time Machine to survive the radar. It is the freshest game of the Dragon Ball game that has been shown so far.

flag tail: Requiem (October 18 │PS5, CSX/S, NS, PC Korean)

The third-person infiltration action adventure game in the backdrop of the Black Death, which is prevalent in the Black Death, is finally released, Flag Tail: Innocence’s Flag Tail: Requiem. Amilia and Hugo siblings, who have escaped their ruins, are traveling to find the island of prophecy in the south to solve the curse of Hugo. A crossbow, dagger, and assassination have been added to the simple attack of the previous work, adding to the fun of various battles, and the flag tail gimmick that controls and utilizes rats is also as interesting as the previous work.

Uncharted: Legacy of the Collection (October 20 PC Korean)

Natty Dog’s representative 3D action adventure game uncharged series will be released on your PC. The Uncharted: Legacy of the Collection is a graphic remastered of the Uncharted 4 and the abduction ‘Lost Legacy’, which is the last of the series, and was released as the PS5 in February. In line with the release of this PC version, we added True 4K resolution, Ultra-wide monitor support and various options, and the UI will also be reconstructed in line with the PC environment to make it easy to play on the keyboard and mouse. Uncharted, which was only available with PS, can be used as a PC.

Persona 5 The Royal (October 21 │ PS5, HBO, CSX/S, PC Korean)

The game, which was released only as a Persona 5 The Royal and PS exclusive, is finally released on a variety of platforms, including PCs. The Persona Series, called JRPG’s standards, is a series that has many fans with unique stories, gorgeous directing and sophisticated music. It is characterized by fighting the darkness of the heart by using Persona, which embodies the inner character of the character. Persona 5 The Royal, the latest series of series, contains the story of a fidelity that steals and conforms to the inner surface of a corrupt adult, and has more than 40 LCS. The PC version is released from Uncharted to Persona 5, so October this year will be a big gift for PC users.

Scone (October 14 CSX/S, PC Korean)

The horror game scones, which are noted by fans of horror game fans with bizarre and disgusting designs, are officially released after a long waiting for six years. The dark and wet backgrounds and bizarre tentacles are the atmosphere of the movie Alien, and various puzzles and unapproved strange creatures are likely to give the player a primitive horror. I am looking forward to seeing scones to satisfy six years of waiting.

Gotham Night (October 21 │PS5, CSX/S, PC Korean)

Gotham Night, called Batman Game without Batman, will be released on October 21. Batman and James Gordon died, and four Batman Family, including Batgirl, Night Wing, Red Hood, and Robin, continues their vigilante activities to keep Gotham along with Batman’s will. The mysterious group Owl Court, which dominates Gotham’s shades in the original comics, will appear as the final Billion. It also features RPG-type fun and grows up and grows up by defeating enemies. In particular, since it is produced as an open world, it is characterized by the gloomy appearance of Gotham City without Batman.


Hero Legend: You trajectory 2 (October 27 │PS4/5│ Korean language support)


Hero Legend: You’s Travel 2 is the sequel to the Hero Legend: You Travel, published in 2020, and is the 12th work of the trajectory series. The two stories are a month later from one story, and one day, the CID (Central Intelligence Agency) special forces are terribly murdered by someone in one corner of Edit. In order to solve the situation, the Kalb ad police, shortstop associations, and the scent of new turmoil are entangled. It is said that it will be possible to upgrade the existing system, such as a unique battle system and the tendency to change according to the choice of the character.

Bayonet 3 (October 28 NSW Korean language support)

In addition to Devil May Cry, Bennett’s new Bennett 3, one of the fundamental action games, will be released as a Nintendo Switch exclusive on October 28. Five years have passed since the first announcement in 2017, but it is still attracting fans’ expectations by showing attractive characters and brilliant action. Bayonet’s unique combat system, such as Location Time, which slows down the enemy’s attacks, and the daemon slave, which are freely summoned by summoning hemp, directly controlled the fans’ interest.

Biohazard Village: Winners Expansion (October 28 │PS4/5, HBO, CSX, PC Korean)

The DLC of Biohazard Village, the latest film of the Biohazard Series, is released. The DLC ‘Winners Expansion’ offers a shoulder view mode to freely change the first and third person. In addition, you can enjoy the story after the main story by including the new story of Ethan’s daughter, Rosemary Winters, as the main character. Just changing the point of view to a third person will be able to experience a new game, and the story of the new hero Rosemary Winters is also expected.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 2022 (October 28 │PS4/5, HBO, Xbox X/S, PC Korean)

One of the most anticipated works of this year, FPS Game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 2022 will come. It is the 19th series of series and three years from the first background released in 2019, containing the story of Task Force 141 teams consisting of terrorist organization Al Catalan and Mexico’s drug cartel ‘Las Alma’s’. In this work, popular characters from previous works such as Captain Price and Ghost will appear, and they will be able to experience more realistic battles with advanced graphics and AI. As a representative of the FPS game, I am looking forward to seeing fans’ expectations.

Dave the Diver (Launch in October PC Korean language support)

Dave the Diver is a marine adventure game that explores unknown world blue holes. It is a unique figure in becoming a diver during the day, exploring the ocean, catching fish, and running a sushi restaurant with a fish caught at night. It aims to make and sell special sushi using fresh ingredients caught directly from Blue hole, where various fish breeds coexist, from the White Songhai to the Great Kraken. Furthermore, it is a game that is quite exciting by the exquisite mix of marine exploration adventure and restaurant management Tycoon embodied with neat dot graphics.

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