How to use crucifixion for phasmophobia

Homophobia is a multiplayer horror, but if you wish, you can play it in virtual reality to make it a million times more terrifying! This game is not for the faint of heart or for people who live next to their neighbors who love to complain, as the screams of horror will be heard in the pitch darkness of the night! The premise of homophobia is that you and your friends are exploring paranormal phenomena, hunt for ghosts and prove to the world that the inhabitants of death are quite real.

As a researcher of paranormal phenomena, you, of course, are equipped with various equipment for hunting ghosts to combat Hell’s horrors, such as the board for spirituality sessions, ultraviolet lamps and crucifixion. How does the crucifixion with homophobia work? How do you use it?

The first thing you and your friends must do is to find out what type of ghost is wandering around a happy place, since the use of any random gadget for hunting for ghosts does not work! The collection of evidence is required; Use your night vision cameras, thermometers, or even become a witness to the ghost event to collect evidence. As you explore the house at night, your sanity will fall steadily, and more paranormal phenomena will occur; As soon as your sanity falls to 0, say goodbye to your life!


Fortunately, with your set of equipment, such objects as crucifixion can keep ghosts in fear, suppressing unholy activity in this area, which, in turn, saves your mind and your life! The crucifix is designed to prevent the ghost transition to the pursuit, so it must be used before it reaches this phase. While in the ghost room, put the crucifix on the ground while it is passive; However, if a ghost room has a significant size, you may need several of them scattered in strategically important places to be safe!

Unfortunately, if the ghost is already in a persecuting state, then this crucifix will make Didley-Office; With the same success, you could use it to score your friends to death, since this is a more pleasant death than a slow similarity crazy.

However, according to the comments on YouTube:

This advice can simply save your life!

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