Aiming slime master! First -person sandbox SLIME RANCHER 2 sucks and skips innocent slime and squeezes to the bone of the bone [explosion repo]

In a world where you change rapidly, the game industry progresses at the speed of light, and it is for everyone to determine which is a game that suits you. I want to know the information of the new game right now while facing the budget and the time to play. It is explosive speed play repo for such a case.

This time, I will introduce the content that MON OMI PARK developed and played Slime Rancher 2 , which has been developed early for PC and Xbox.

Slime Rancher 2 is

The sequel to the masterpiece FPS Slime Rancher, which has been overwhelmingly popular with 15 million people worldwide and 85,000 Steam reviews, and has won numerous game awards. As the name suggests, the slime launcher refers to a ranch owner who grows slime, and the Ranch, which rebuilt the ranch at a planet Havana, 1000 light years away from the earth, will be the main character again.

In this work, you will be invited to a letter sent by someone and will travel to Rainbow Island **, which will be the stage of a new adventure and slow life. Let’s collect new species slime that was not in the previous work, along with the ancient mysteries and nature that was hidden there, and revive the ranch in Xinjiang.

Future gadgets vacuum are sucked, vomit, and familiar simple actions are the same as the previous work. We will feed the unique slime Credit and collect resources, increase money, and develop the greenhouse that is the base of crops and interiors.

This work is compatible with multiple languages including Japanese, and pad operation is fully equipped . You can enjoy the slime and relaxing game design without worrying.

Everyone is Tomochichi! Maker Ranch Life

When it comes to FPS, the threshold tends to be high. However, there is no intense gunfight to wash blood with blood, nor do you need to lighten the ghosts with a flashlight. The atmosphere that is not sharp and the slime that makes you laugh and returns even if you hit it on the wall is never harmful to players.

At least, at first it was just a calm slime. Occasionally, black slime comes out, killing other slime, devastating fields and chickens, and having a little happening. In case of such a case, you can switch on and off with the option at the start of the game **, so if you are not good at busy games, check it out.

As for the game content, the basic operation is to collect slime and other things with the vacuum in your hand and release them in the appropriate place. If you inhale something, it will be registered in the in-game picture book called Slime Media and displayed with one touch.

The slime wanders in countless in the field, and if you give it a food, it will convert it to an object called a plot on the spot. By taking this plot back and putting it in a plot market in the greenhouse, the amount according to the current rate is paid.

If you make money, you can use it for expanding greenhouse facilities, upgrading, and purchasing new gadgets and areas. Slime can be collected and kept in a greenhouse cage, and the higher the value, the more difficult it is to breed, but it will be more efficient.

It is unknown that I can not withstand the painful expression of the slime that is hungry and distorted, and it is unknown whether it will starve because it feeds the beans, but it is necessary to be careful because it may escape from the cage . Due to the nature of slime, it can be thrown into a narrow cage as much as possible, but it can be piled up and jumps over, so it cannot be careless. It would be safer to avoid multiple breeding.

Murder case on a deserted island! ? When the chicken is when

It was just in the middle of the play that the awkward incident occurred on this peaceful island. Inexperienced in the previous work became accustomed to the system, and the slime economy in the greenhouse began to ride on track, and everything was progressing smoothly.

Speaking of the ranch, I came up with the idea that it would be a livestock, and I started to keep the chicken ** chicken who brought it back in a field work. One male, one female, and one chick. I couldn’t afford that much, but as a writer who had been simulating farm management several times, I was especially enthusiastic about breeding livestock.

Due to such circumstances, I purchased a cage for chicken with a little money. The slime , which is almost close to slaves, is crowded, and we began to keep edible livestock right beside it.

And the incident has happened. In a short time, a shining slime that was weak in the morning to the basement, the pink slime escaped from the cage that had neglected upgrades . The only thing left to the chicken hut next to it was the three plots after meals and the pink sticky body fluids that were not bloody.

I blamed myself. According to the slime media, pink slime is the easiest species , so it is omnivorous that eats everything. In spite of the fact, the liters that come out are the lowest price, and they are not rewarded at all.

Several pink slime, which seems to be suspect, was death penalty without a trial, and immediately released to the sea. In order not to repeat such tragedy again, the cage fence was immediately upgraded as a measure, and one of the same kind of pink slime that was not very valuable was eliminated **. At first, it was cute and started to keep it, but throwing it away when it is no longer needed is a development that makes you feel the darkness of the real world.

The worst threat attacks the ranch! Solve rabbits

After that, pink slime expenses and countermeasures expenses were unexpectedly expensive, but the greenhouse regained the lost time and gradually recovered. The type to be bred is limited to veins lime of herbivorous , and it will be a food carrot and lettuce field , and the number of chickens that have been re-introduced will also increase larger than before. Did.

While searching for cabbage, which is a favorite of Janice Lime, I found a Kabylie with a hippo that happened to come across it, and also collect it and throw it into the greenhouse cage.

Baby slime is carnivorous, but is isolated into another cage far away, based on reflection on case . Even if you escape and eat, the Kabylie plot is the highest at the moment, so it will be divisible. Also, be careful if you keep a different kind of slime together, it may be a huge type of Largo by combining **.

However, the incident will occur again. Again, when I took my eyes off, it changed from a gentle song that flows in the first town of RPG to a spectacular battle BGM that plays the piano violently.

It was too late when I thought about something and looked back. The buns lime, which was collected and pushed in as if it were a slave, suddenly attacked as a huge black slime as if it had suddenly raised.

Swallow everything Tail slime occurs when the slime that has become a Margot seeds occurs when eating another plot, priming and proliferating other slime randomly. It was so sudden that it was huge like a muddy stream, and I had no choice but to abandon and escape the escaped Eunice lime.

The chickens were safe due to this disaster, but the ranch was destroyed, except for one buns lime and three Kabylie. The tar slime did not do anything, it disappeared when the morning came, and it disappeared as if nothing had happened.

The sacrifice of the slime was enormous, but the new area was discovered, capturing new kinds of slime one after another, and the vacant space was immediately supplemented. The story has not progressed at all around the base, but it has a well-managed game, such as early money measures, pinch and sense of accomplishment.

I usually go through livestock in a play that works overprotected, but in this work, I have to exploit human rights without any consideration because of the unique characteristics of slime. It may be a good game to check your inner humanity.

SLIME RANCHER 2 has been accessing early to PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) and Xbox Series X | S from September 23, 2022.

Title: Slime Rancher 2
Compatible model: Model played by the author: PC (Steam)
Release date: September 23, 2022
Author play time at the time of writing: 4 hours
Price: 3,090 yen for Steam, 3,080 yen for EPIC, 3,700 yen for Xbox version



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