Voice actor, Hiroki Kaji interview. Voice actors and video games expressions over words spoken through Children who spin Sky Stars [TGS2022]

At the Tokyo Game Show 2019, three years ago, Nova Chen of Thatgamecompany, a representative work of Kane no Taxi Vito, SKY, which had just begun distribution at that time (hereinafter, SKY. ) I sometimes talked about. CHEN’s words, Even if you don’t have a character and story, you can shake your emotions and excite you.


3 years since then. SKY gained popularity and gathered many fans. One of the fans was that popular voice actor, Yuri Kanji. Mr. Kanji has been appointed as a special supporter of this work at AnimeJapan2022 the other day, and has appeared at the event at the Thatgamecompany booth at the Tokyo Game Show 2022 this year.

This time, I had the opportunity to talk to Mr. Kanji about SKY. Mr. Kanji talked about an interesting story about the expressions over words through the work.

What is the sympathy that the voice actors used in a video game that didn’t use words

ー How did you get involved in the SKY booth as an event?

Kanji: This is the second time from AnimeJapan2022 to participate in the event as a special supporter. I was very happy because I didn’t think there was a chance again this year. As I felt at AnimeJapan2022, the SKY booth had the feeling that the game world was realistic. I was happy to be able to bother such a wonderful place.

SKY is always full of new ideas, but I think that the communication field is the biggest attraction of this game. Actually, the booth also had a message board and a trial space that incorporated such play. I felt the entertainment spirit of Thatgamecompany, Let’s enjoy all aspects of visitors!

ー ー ー Kanji shows that the past work of Thatgamecompany is also being played. What is the charm of the games they make?

Kanji: I have played Flowery and Kane no Taxi Bit in the past, but it is difficult to express it in common, whether it should be described as free. But there is such a feeling.

FLOWERY is the content that travels around the world as a single petal, and there is an impression that the world view is close to somewhere SKY. There is no concept of words in this work. You can be integrated with the game world without using the means of textbooks. If you think so, there was a place where you felt again, The theme that Thatgamecompany values is consistent from the beginning.

In Kane no Taxi Vito, the shape of the expression has changed a little, but this work was also fun to communicate without using words. The parts like philosophy at the root of human mind and thoughts are sensitive through stories and systems. That is the attraction that is common to Thatgamecompany’s work.

ー ー。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 But thatgamecompany is a communication game that doesn’t use words. Is there a place that longs for those expressions?

Kanji: I yearn and I really respect them. Perhaps the voice actors have a lot of opportunities and time to think about words because of their work, so they may feel that way. This is the case with this interview, and for post-recording and events. Basically, there is a daily life that focuses on words.

But in Thatgamecompany’s game, communication can be obtained without using such words. Moreover, even culture and nationality. It’s a really nice game and a stunning tool.

I see.

Kanji: Conversely, we voice actors are occupations that can be expressed only with words and voices, even if there is no movement. I think it would be interesting if I could reflect the stimulus gained in Thatgamecompany’s game in the expression as a voice actor.

-I wonder if there is something that I don’t have.

Kanji: That’s right. But maybe the root is the same. Only the way of output is different. That’s why there are some parts that are attracted. It’s difficult to tell, but someday, I hope that I can use my voice and words to form something that Thatgamecompany is expressed.

Does Kanji want to lead the work from scratch by himself? I think there are many people involving the profession of voice actors and the project of others.

Kanji: Is it exactly the experience of establishing a YouTube channel during the stay home period due to the corona evil? It was an opportunity to feel the fun and difficulty of making from zero yourself.

By trying to make it myself, I was able to feel that there were various professional efforts and thoughts, and I was able to make programs and works for the first time. This may not be quite noticeable just by participating as an actor or talent.

ー By making something yourself, you can understand the difficulty of various productions.

Kanji: That’s right. I think a voice actor is a job that can be used by having them choose and using them, and basically. If you don’t have a role, you can’t play. A craftsman who embodies the completed form that the director wants. I myself have a sense of responsibility and pride there.

But at the same time, I started thinking, I guess there’s something the importance and fun of making it myself. The idea of voice actor life has been around for less than 20 years. Indeed, it was just the time when the plan that I proposed for several years actually started… I was surprised to ask this question (laughs).

If Sky is the ultimate expression that does not use language, I would like to pursue the ultimate in language. For example, reading? I want to make such a project from the beginning to the end and make it someday.

I feel like I was able to hear a very hot story over words and expressions.

Kanji: Thank you (laughs). I think it would be nice if I could collaborate in some form with SKY, but as a major premise, I am a pure SKY fan. It is a child of one star. Above all, I would like to continue to play with excitement and excitement!

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