The best buildings of Candice in Genshin Impact are weapons, artifacts and much more!

Candice will be the first four-star Hydro character presented in the update of Genshin Impact. Both Barbara and Sits were present in the initial release of the game. Naturally, fans are delighted with her as a novelty in the game and a beautifully designed character. We have some tips if you added it to your list, and you need help in its creation.

Style Game Candice in Genshin Impact

It seems that she is a cousin of Run Gin in spontaneous damage. It is equipped to be support outside the field which quickly switches to activate its Elemental Burst, hits the enemy using its Elemental Skill, and then allows another main DPS character to take possession. Furthermore, it does not heal and does not protect (although it wears them), but it will add a lot of damage to the teams who want to use hydroplane reactions, such as bloom , hypercube as well as electric-charge.

Best Candice in Genshin Impact

You really want to use the Elemental Burst Candice. She may not have the advantages of many other hydraulic characters in her team, so the choice of weapons with an additional characteristic of reloading energy, such as Fanatics Lance or catch it would be useful. Most of the damage to the Candice depends on its maximum health, so the three-star black brush would also be simple in assembly for it.

Best Artifacts for Candice in Genshin Impact

Candice does not have a set of artifact of four items intended exclusively for it. Four parts the nobility obliges set never is a bad choice for support characters. If you want to increase the damage to the Candice, try combinations of two parts: the resistance of the mill elites , heart of the depth or the nobility obliges .

We recommend hp % hours, a hydraulic for hp % Cup and Crete or hp % diadem. Its auxiliary characteristic can be any form of HP, attack, CRT or reloading of energy. The Elemental Mastery will not be so useful in this assembly, since it will apply Hydro to enemies to configure the reaction, and not launch them itself.

Candice skills in Genshin Impact

Ordinary attack-A sparkling spear-Standard Strait

Ordinary attack *
* Applies up to four consecutive blows with a spear.
charged attack
* Consumes a certain amount of endurance to jump forward, causing damage to the opponents along the way.
Summer attack
* Jumps from the air to hit the ground below, causing damage to the opponents on the way and causing damage in the region when hit.

Elevation skill-Holy rite: Sanctuary of heron

  • Combat Candice can reflect a whole wave of enemies.
    * click

    • Rushes forward with his shield, applying hydro-fire.
  • Hold
    • Raises his shield to block the incoming attacks of the nearest opponents, forming a barrier that absorbs damage depending on its maximum HP and absorbs Hydro damage by 250% more efficiently. This barrier exists until the skill of elements is activated.
  • After retaining for a certain period of time, the changes will finish charging, and when the skill button is released, the time of action of the skill will expire, or when the barrier is breaking through, it will take a jump in the jump that inflicts hydro-fires to the opponents in front of it.

Elemental Burst-Sacred Rite: Wagtail’s Tide

  • Highly raising the weapon, Candice calls on the divine blessing that applies to the AOE hydraulicumah, depending on its maximum health and constantly puts the prayer of the crimson crown on your active character.
  • Prayer of the crimson crown
    • Characters inflict enlarged spontaneous damage with their usual attacks.
  • Whenever the character goes on the battlefield, he releases a pulsating wave of water, which inflicts hydrocarbon to the closest opponents. You can launch a limited number of waves [Three] during the action of this skill.
  • Characters armed with a sword, stigma and shaft weapons will receive hydration under this effect.

passive skills:

to the first light of dawn *
* Reduces the consumption of endurance during climbing for members of your group by 20%.
* Does not combine with passive talents that give exactly the same effects.
Aegis crossed arrows
* If the attack enters the Candice while holding Sacred Rite: Heron’s Sanctum, charging this skill stops instantly.
heavenly dome from sand
* Characters affected by the prayer of the crimson crown caused by the sacred rite: a rush of wagtails will apply to opponents 0.5% more damage for every 1000 units of the maximum HP Candice when they cause elemental damage with their usual attacks.

constellations Candice in Genshin Impact

Return of the heiress of scarlet sand *: the constellation of the first level.
* The duration of the effect of the prayer of the crimson crown caused by the sacred rite: a tide of a wagtail increases by three seconds.
The radiance piercing the moon : the second level of the constellation.
* When Sacred Rite: Heron’s Guard affects opponents, the maximum amount of HP Candice increases by 20% by fifteen seconds.
The hunter’s prayer : The third level of the constellation.
* Increases the level of Sacred Rite: Wagtail’s Tide by three.
* The maximum level of improvement is 15.
Oath of the guard *: The fourth level of the constellation.
* Reduces the Sacred Rite: Heron’s Guard compact disinfection so that it is the same as the compact red-tapping compact.
Hetero chromatic view : The fifth level of the constellation.
* Increases the level of Sacred Rite: Heron’s Guard by three.
* The maximum level of improvement is 15.
overflow : constellation of the sixth level.
* When the characters (except the Candice itself), which are under the influence of the prayer of the crimson crown caused by the sacred rite: a surge of a wagtail, inflict spontaneous damage to enemies using ordinary attacks, an attack will be released, which will apply a hydraulic facility in an area equal to 15% of the maximum health Candice.
* This effect can work every 2.3 seconds and is considered damage from Elemental Burst.


What do you need to get out of the Candice in Genshin Impact

To climb the cancans, you will need a standard number of books of experience and Morey, pieces of laps of Canada, pieces of red atlas, fruits of the red scallop and light-breeding tetrahedron fell on semi-aging control matrices . Since it depends so much on its maximum HP, it would be useful to increase its level to 90.

You will need more Morey and Red Satin things to increase its talent level. You will also need Teachings of Admonition from the Steeple of Ignorance and Tears of the Calamitous God domain from the weekly Maiden Shogun boss.

We recommend that you give preference to its Elemental Burst over its Elemental Skill. You can align her usual attacks, if you want, but it will have a much lower priority.

The best teammates for Candice in Genshin Impact

Most of the Sumerian characters belong to one form or another of the Pedro team based on the reaction. We recommend using it as a support in bloom or hypercube command computer. Try it with characters of Pedro, Hydro and Elect such as The Pedro Traveler, Bahia, Pilot or CNO. You can also use it in Electorate Team with Fish, Yale Mike or Ryder shogun.

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