Loglike element+ Ultra Age free DLC launch

Intro Games announced today that it will launch DLC ‘Ultra Age: Reverse Project’ of Hyper Speed Action Game Ultra Age.

The DLC, which will be released for free, will be released on September 20 with the 40% discount promotion on the PC (Steam), and PlayStation4 and Nintendo Switch will be available as soon as possible with the update of the main story.

‘Reverse Project’ utilizes the concept that ‘Maze’, which appears in the game scenario, will conduct repeated experiments to cultivate strong experiments, so that a separate content combined with the composition of the rogue-like game and the high speed action of ‘Ultra Age’. All.

As the meaning of the word, it has a name that means constantly repeated and rebounding to create an experimental body with a strong combat power, and Age has the power of Ellis with the power of the experiment. As a result, the process of passing through the experimental site is faced.

The Reverse Project has a kind of ‘synergy’ effect that boldly disables the main elements that cannot be granted excessive stats due to the difficulty setting in the scenario method. In addition, by enhancing convenience for weapons utilization, you can freely use CBA (Change Blade Attack) to continue the combo, allowing you to experience more dynamic action than the main story.

Meanwhile, ‘Ultra Age’ is a high speed action game developed by indie game company Next Stage and Visual Dart, a game graphic company. It was developed as Unreal Engine 4, September 9, 2021, PlayStation4, Nintendo Switch, and April 28, 2022, on PC Steam.

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