All leaked and confirmed villains in Gotham Knights

The launch date of Gotham Knights is just around the corner. DC fans will finally have the opportunity to assume the role of Batman’s protected, while fighting to protect Gothic city from the owl court and their murderous strength known as the Talons. While the owl court will be the main antagonistic threat in Gotham Knights, many other notable Batman villains will appear. Here are All leaked and confirmed villains in gotham Knights .

All villains in gotham Knights game


Beyond the owl court, the first trailers of Gotham Knights have confirmed another five villains. With how close the launch of the game is, we may have seen them all, but the speculation about the presence of a villain still floats. This is what we have so far:

claws and the court of the owls *-The first group of villains who made fun of Gotham Knights, marketing has promoted to a large extent that the court of the owls, as well as their murderers Talon, will be the main antagonistic force in the game.
Harley-Quinn *-Established to be one of the key villains in this game after an appearance in the Villains trailer, this is not Harley’s only important presence in an upcoming video game; He is ready to be playable in the next Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League.

Lord freezing *-Another of Batman’s greatest adversaries, Mr. Freeze will unite forces with the owl court to face Caped Crusader protected in Gotham Knights.
Clay face -Clay face, who previously played an important role in Batman: Arkham City, is another member of the classic rogues’ gallery that will make up the cast of villains in this new game.
The penguin -Another iconic villain in the Batman lineage, the trailers of history have confirmed that the penguin will play some role next to the court of the owls in the new game.
* Professor PYG -Professor PYG has made minor appearances in the first functions of Gotham Knights, but has not been interpreted as much as his companions villains. It is not clear what his general role in history will be and if there will be the opportunity to fight him.
* Tania alcohol -While it was not officially confirmed that he appears in any initial game, an IMDB list indicates that Mylène Dichroic will give voice to the character. Take it with tweezers, but this list indicates that it is most likely that she has some presence in the game.

Until now, this is what Gotham Knight offers in terms of villains. With the release date of the October 21 game just around the corner, this may be everything we get, but WB Games Montreal could have one or two surprises saved until the game arrives.

Until then, that is all we have All confirmed and filtered villains in gotham Knights . Follow to get more information, including the complete list of the cast of the game.

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