[Review] Welcome to this metal hell.

Metal, by metal, rhythm action FPS for metal

There is a game here. As the devils of hell are riding, the intense metal sound is swept away, and the main character comes with a very good means of conversation. Of course, there are swords to split the devil as well as shotguns. Sometimes, in hell, where fireworks are floating and sometimes frozen in the ears, he bursts and cuts the devils by driving the intense metal music that is intense enough to hit the soul.

If you listen to this explanation, you may have come to mind a pronoun of the devil torn since that time and still a masterpiece of the ‘Doom’ series. Unfortunately, the game I’m going to introduce is ‘Metal: Bellinger’. It’s a game that takes off the devils of hell as hot as metal music that keeps in your ears, but it’s a game that adds rhythm action elements that must be caught without listening to the metal. It is also a hot game that focuses on ‘metal’ as the title, and lights up the hearts of metal fans.

Game Name : Metal: Bellinger (METAL: Hell Singer)
Genre Name : Rhythm Action FPS
release date : 2022. 9. 15.
Review : 1.0.0 version
Developer : Outsider
Service : Fun com
Platform : PC, PS, Xbox
Play : PC


** Dynamic shooting that is not pushed by the metal all-star lineup in the 90s and 2000s

Dark Tranquil Lite, Tree Begum, Arch Enemy, Soil Walk, System of Away, Lam of God… If you’ve heard some metal in the 90s and 2000s, you’ve heard of the bands. The genre of metal has a deep history and a variety of sub-genres, and there are quite a variety of styles, so there’s a difference in opinion on the saying that the band above is ‘All-Star’. However, there is no doubt that all that band was one of the best bands in the sub-genres such as Melodic Death Metal and New Metal.

Before I talked about the game, I talked about the metal band because the ‘Metal: Bellinger’ is very important not only the FPS but also the rhythm action element. In this game, the metal sound is not just a device that increases the heat, but it works as a mechanism that increases the damage and increases the damage. As a result, you can’t miss the music itself that you have to concentrate on.

Of course, there are some bands who are still active, but there are cases where each member focuses only on solo activities or the first-year members have left. Exactly, I participated in the vocals of each band. It may have cooled down a little salty when you hear this, but Sweden with Norway or Outsider is a hot neighborhood. Of course, if you’re a fan of each band, it’s a bit unfortunate, but if you want to attract that lineup, you should be convinced because it is difficult not only for financial problems but also for various realistic reasons.

Anyway, as it has a powerful lineup worldwide, the stage of ‘Metal: Bellinger’ is a feast of music that boils blood. If the anger gauge is not taken on the game system, only the drums, the guitar riff, and the slightly faint bass line can be heard. What if the anger gauge starts to hear the vocals? If you’re a metal fan, you may probably feel joy. Personally, I went to Games com stage as soon as the enthusiasm of Michael Stan (Dark Tranquil Lite), Alisa White-Glue (Arch Enemy), Semi Angina (System of AE) The other schedule overlapped, and the concerts kept coming up.

Even if you prepare a thrilling metal music at best, if you don’t have a stage to shoot, avoid, and move violently, the heating heat will run away. On the contrary, the blood that has risen at best will be anger toward the developer, and it will be shouted. However, as the title is ‘Hell’, the game is full of demons who are overwhelmed with as intense momentum. In the beginning, as a tutorial, it comes out little by little, but later you can’t rest in the section where elite objects and miscellaneous mobs such as ‘hunters’ are mixed.

Of course, you don’t have to catch excellent notes like rhythmic action games, so it’s easy to listen to it. However, the process of avoiding the enemy’s attack from everywhere and then shooting a gun to the rhythm, feeding, approaching, and activating and evacuating the finisher to the rhythm, is very insane at first. If it was a simple hyper FPS, it was just a simple action, but the pattern was a bit twisted at the moment when you had to consider rhythm.

If you just blow a headshot, you usually die in one room, and you will have to finish in the three rooms. In particular, it is immediately reloaded by pressing the R key one more time to match to reload bits. Fortunately, avoidance is not restricted, and it is not a problem to avoid it around because it is accompanied by two-stage jumps. Still, if the radius of the battle section is quite narrow, it will be surrounded by the crowded devil.

In contrast, if it is possible to shoot and avoid it according to the rhythm, it means that it is optimized for changing the devils. Like a rhythmic action game, you missed a few times, you don’t die, but you can just fight back after avoiding it. It is said that it is crowded, so it means that there are many devils to shoot and change.

The graphics are not comparable to the triple A game, and ‘metal’ is the core, so the gun sound is a bit poor. Nevertheless, the theme of ‘hell’ and ‘devil’ is definitely caught, so the pleasure of bursting each one is alive. If you start to shoot the devils with a headshot with a shotgun or revolver, you can start shooting the devils and cool them. It is even more so when the momentum is filled with the anger gauge, the score is cooled down, and the hot air of the metal all-star vocals is added. The ultimate gauge is also fully, and the elite level is added to the right action.

It is one of the secrets of the cool action that there is a difference in the high and low of the terrain between the moving movements, but there is little rough. There is no cliff at all, so there is a section where you have to jump well, but it supports two-stage jumps, the jump distance is wide, and the spear time is long, so it is hardly falling except for the first time. Of course, as the stage passes, there are a lot of cliffs, but even if you don’t have such a move on the wall, the jump is good, so even if you just move the jump dash jump, the bit combo will not be initialized.

The intuition is good and simple, but sometimes it feels monotonous

When you enter the actual play, you don’t need anything anymore. It’s all about shooting, avoiding and smashing the devil to the beat. Of course, it’s not just breaking the devil, but the reason and mood are seasoned with the appropriate seasoning.

Trojan’s sometimes hairy and southern accent is a delicious voice, and the narration is indifferent. ‘Pay’, now only the skull remains and plays the devil who is accompanied by the heroine, the main character. In the view of hell drawn with rough lines like oil paintings, BPM’s heavy metal sound and distinctive narrowing narration are mood that matches the title.

This doesn’t mean the story is very important or twisted. You can just be drunk and listen to it or just go over. Anyway, the unnamed person goes to revenge to the red judge who has taken his voice. The composition of the game is as intuitive as that intuitive story, so there is nothing more to explain. It’s over if you step on the stage one by one and shake off the devils that block the front.

So simple and intuitive is the strength of ‘Metal: Bellinger’, but it can be a fatal weakness. The goal is already clear, and it doesn’t take much time to reach it. At first, the feeling of operation is a bit different, so it’s not more than 30 minutes to hold it on a stage, except for wandering. During that time, there is a taste of shooting and slaughtering while feeling the bit without a circle, so when the next stage remains, you can feel the joy, but what if you don’t have it? From then on, it’s starting to get stuck. And at that point is coming sooner than I thought, the simplicity that made it possible to run quickly is a bit poisonous from then on. In particular, each stage boss exhibition has a small pattern difference, but it is similar every time, so it feels a bit loose.

Of course, the crew also prepared a higher difficulty level, and I arranged the anguish, which is a challenge that can unlock the seal by clearing each stage, to learn the operation better and try to try hard core. In addition, clearing each stage prepared a leader-to-comparison with users from all over the world, and also motivated them to earn higher scores and to play repeated plays to unlock achievements. And even in the actual gameplay, if the anger gauge is not 16 times full, I can’t listen to the complete songs that are finished with vocals, so I thought that I should clear the anger gauge with the grass.

In fact, when you enter the stage, you can quickly get into the fun of tapping the intense hell atmosphere that fits the sound of the all-star metal, and the devil that runs without any attempt. However, the pattern is constant after all, so it’s easy to fall into mannerism when it is ripe. Rather than twisting the pattern on purpose, it is relatively easy to memorize because it is intuitive so that everyone can shoot and smash it.

It wouldn’t be a big problem if you played a mix of music from a metal fan’s point of view, but the monotonous structure is clearly visible from the moment it becomes a mode that breaks the pattern a little out of it. There aren’t so many volumes, so I rebounded my appetite right away.

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